‘Jersey Shore’: The Situation becomes The Indecision

Will Mike let it go?

In what has become almost a weekly trend for us here at the site, we are going to try yet again to analyze the behavior of who may very be the most complicated man in reality TV — Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. One week on “Jersey Shore,” we see the guy finally letting go of his demons and deciding that he actually wants to just spend a little bit of time with his fellow cast members — and then, he drinks too much and starts to speculate that everyone is out to get him.

After deciding last week that Snooki is really the one responsible for the separation that has been growing between him and his fellow cast members, the man affectionately nicknamed by some as “Sitch” decided to show little affection to Snooki — vowing to take her down by teaming up with The Unit to out what happened between he and Snooki to Jionni. It’s something that has been a focal point of the show since last season in Italy, but really nothing has come out other than a look inside the man’s neuroses.

The problem for Mike in the context of this week’s plotting? After coming up with this evil plan, he then went out and had a pretty good time with Snooki and her Team Meatball partner in Deena — and these two really seem to be the only people in the house who want to actually spend some time with him. To make matters even more entertaining, the girls were actually having a great time with him while he was sitting around talking to the devil in his head.

Rather than actually go after Snooki, Mike actually ended up going instead after Deena — mostly because his brother Frank committed what he called a “smash and dash” on her sister. With this information in mind, he quickly yet again got himself even more involved in other people’s relationships. (This sentence alone pretty much brings back memories of Ronnie screaming at him in Italy.) He really hasn’t done anything to cause trouble just yet … but you have to believe that he’s thinking about it for when things potentially turn south.

Stalker problems…

Yes, there were some other Mike-related headlines in this episode. Jwoww and Roger continue to figure out where their relationship stands, and Pauly D was forced to deal with a stalker for the third straight year in Seaside Heights.

Really, all of this at this point seems secondary to what is going on with Mike — otherwise known as the only character this season presenting real drama. We love all of the characters on the “Shore,” but the truth of the matter is that it is starting to need a shake-up — or at least it needs to introduce a few more recurring characters a la what “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” did with Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey. Ronnie and Sammi are pretty much ghosts at this point, Vinny and Pauly have always been there for comic relief, and Snooki and Deena re so similar in many ways that there’s only so many adventures that feel refreshing. We love all of these characters and would hate to see them leave, but we also don’t want a show about wild partying to become the one thing it was never considered to be early on — boring.

Photo: MTV

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