‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns to form; Cristina and Owen face off

A difficult week for Owen.

Grey’s Anatomy” tried out a bit of an experiment last week with a “what if” episode that showed us the lives of the characters if different events had taken place — but what it seemed to forget along the way was that this world for the show is interesting enough on its own.

This episode was themed around Valentine’s Day, but at times this week there was plenty of love lost between some of the characters. Teddy still was choosing not forgive Owen over what happened to Henry, and she even went as far as to say that she wished he was the only who left this world instead. Meanwhile, Owen was also struggling to yet again find some common ground with Cristina — who at one point he saved during the episode from a rather spontaneous car crashing through the hospital. (Oh, the crazy things that happen at Seattle Grace…)

On a more positive note, we did at least see this week some couples (shocker!) actually wanting to spend more time with each other. Meredith and Derek were trying to find some time (and a place) for themselves, but a combination of baby Zola and Lexie made this hard. Meanwhile, a child and work schedules were slowing down Callie and Arizona — which led to Sara Ramirez’s character organizing a lovely little surprise inside of a horse trailer. As for Dr. Bailey, she received a rather sweet dinner party from inside the hospital.

Just when it seemed that we were going to receive a final ten minutes sure to make us smile, then came the shockers — Webber revealed that Adele no longer recognized who he was due to her Alzheimer’s, and Lexie just couldn’t find it within her to speak the words on the tip of her tongue about Mark — even though the two shared one of their cutest moments ever courtesy of a box of chocolates. Thankfully, the brief moment for Cristina and Owen — a sign of hope for the couple — almost worked to offset all of this and take us back to where we were at the beginning.

Overall, this was an episode that mixed together sadness, joy, shockers, and tears — in other words, it was another day at the office in Seattle. For a show that has been running strong for eight seasons, many episodes feel the same — but when they are as strong as this one, we’re reminded yet again that we really don’t need experimental stories to captivate us.

Photo: ABC

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