‘American Idol’ Group Round: Heejun Han meets the law — Richie Law

Group Round is on!

After spending the first ten minutes of “American Idol” learning that Symone Black was fine after her Hollywood Week collapse, we finally kicked off the action that everyone has been really looking forward to seeing — Group Round, otherwise known as the round where everyone ends up either passing out in exhaustion or bickering amongst themselves.

There were once again more people mentioned in this episode than we could really count — but here are some of the people who did manage to stand out over the course of the episode.

Amy Brumfield – Amy (otherwise known as the girl who lives in a tent) started off this episode in a particularly bad position, since she developed some flu-like symptoms and no one else in the competition really even wanted her around. Just finding a group was a task for her.

The angry cop – We don’t really remember her name, but we do very much remember that she spent most of the first half hour of this episode running around and wanting people to sing “Joy to the World” in about as un-joyful a voice as possible.

Brielle Von Hugel – You may not remember her very well, but Brielle performed “Grenade” with Pia Toscano during Group Round last year — and due to this, she ended up becoming a suitable mentor to the rest of her group.

Symone Black’s dad – “I’m a mentor — and I’m about to be a famous mentor.” Never have creepier words been said by a parent on this show. We are happy to see Symone back after a rather scary moment in falling off the stage.

Heejun’s found his Lex Luthor.

Heejun Han vs. Richie Law – Our beloved Heejun ended up getting in a group with Phillip Phillips — one that they quickly decided to tout having the most international flair out of every group that happened to show up.

Then, Richie Law joined the fray. For a man who looks like a cowboy, Richie seems to know quite a bit about surprising topics such as salsa dancing … and harmonizing. With this, “Cowboy” and Heejun (who could not remember Richie’s real name for the life of him) became engaged in a rather heated feud about how to run the performance. To sum it up, Heejun no longer likes cowboys of any kind — even Dallas Cowboys.

The Bettys – Watching member Jennifer (no last name highlighted) stay up all night and freak out pretty much helped no one. She made the gigantic mistake of believing that getting little sleep would work for her voice — instead, it just leads to stress and constant jitters.

This episode really did not end with much of a bang at all — there was no resolution to the group conflict, as we are going to have to wait painfully now until next week to see if Amy ends up making anyone else sick — or Heejun and Cowboy end up going after each other a la Mortal Kombat.

Who did you enjoy seeing the most during this episode?

Photo: Fox

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