‘The Voice’s’ Carson Daly denies Ryan Seacrest rivalry

He says there’s no feud

Everyone has been comparing NBC’s newcomer ‘The Voice’ to seasoned veteran ‘American Idol’ from everything from the contestants to the judging panel, but what about the hosts?

American Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest is probably the biggest host on the planet right now and has proven time and time again that his charm and winning smile is not all the host has to offer.  Besides being adorable and making the contestants swoon when they meet him, he also engages the viewers making them excited for the show regardless of who the talent is.

On the other hand we have the host of the ‘The Voice’, Cason Daly, who is part of one of the fastest rising talent shows on television right now.  He’s fun, fresh and never canned making him a great competitor in the hosting boxing arena.

When Daly came onto the scene, fans wars between the two hosts began to heat up quickly, but while the fans are duking it out over who’s the better host, Ryan and Carson are good friends.  Media outlets assumed that because both hosts were on competing shows that there would be a bid of a rivalry going on between them, but Carson says that is not the case.  In a recent interview with New York Magazine’s Vulture, Carson said;

“Ryan and I have been friends for a long time, and the press assumes that there’s some competitive spirit there, but not at all. Ryan and I try to get together every year to have a drink around New Year’s Eve because it’s the only time that we’re both around.”

In December of 2011 Ryan and Carson invited CNN’s Anderson Cooper and funny girl Kathy Griffin to join them for their annual get-together.  The foursome dined at Crown, a restaurant in New York City and Daly said that Ryan ended up picking up the bill.  Carson said;

“This place called Crown in New York, a kind of swanky, maybe semi-private kind of place. It’s a place I never would’ve known existed, and it’s a place where Ryan probably eats there every night. It’s really exclusive and I’m sure Simon Cowell eats there — a boldfaced sort of place. I walked in, like, looking for an application to bartend there, and then Anderson came in just wearing a white T-shirt, which made me love him. I got to sit next to Anderson, who I had never met, and he just bought a firehouse in New York and he was telling all these cool stories about renovating it. We really had a great dinner, and Ryan was great. He was a gracious host; he picked up the bill.”

Who do you like better as a host – Ryan or Carson?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: NBC

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