Say goodbye to ‘House’ — Fox, Hugh Laurie to close door on series

Say goodbye.

After eight seasons, nearly 200 episodes, and enough Hugh Laurie acceptance speeches across various awards shows  (minus the Emmys), “House” is finally coming to an end. Thankfully, David Shore is at least going to get enough of an opportunity to wrap up the show in the way in which he wants.

The announcement was made late Wednesday via Laurie and the show’s producers that they had made the creative decision to end the Fox series in May with a series finale, and that they were more than grateful to have the opportunity to play out this run without too many concerns over their job security. This decision was apparently not made with too much consideration for the falling ratings, as it may have actually been the rising cost of the show (with Laurie’s paycheck looming especially large) that ended up mattering more.

It’s still pretty early in the game, but there are a few things that are at least being talked about as possibilities for a series finale already.

1. Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen may return – We heard last fall that Wilde (who left the show to pursue film) was still open to returning for an episode if this was the final season, and we have to believe that will indeed happen now.

2. The question with Cuddy – Meanwhile, we don’t have a strong feeling yet on Lisa Edelstein. Every fan out there is likely interested in seeing some closure between her character and House after last year’s controversial finale that turned out to be her last episode. We know that Shore is open to the idea, and we have to believe that everyone involved is going to try and make this happen.

3. An incomplete finish – This is “House.” We don’t expect things to be tied up in a neat little bow, and we really don’t want that, anyway. This is more speculation, but we have a feeling that producers are going to give us just enough to be satisfied while still keeping us guessing.

As for one concrete detail, TVLine is reporting that David Shore will direct and co-write the finale — and you know that he is going to pour eight years’ worth of effort into it.

In the end, we do believe that “House” as a series has run its course, but when you have a character-driven performance as strong as Laurie’s it’s never something you can say goodbye to without feeling a little bit sad.

What’s your feeling about “House” ending in May?

Photo: Fox

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