‘Glee’: identity questions, baby dreams, and Matthew Morrison the matador

Ricky Martin tried his best.

Anyone who is a longtime “Glee” fan knows one thing about guest stars at this point — their episodes can either be iconic (see Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Forget You”) or a flash in the pan that you will soon forget about (see Olivia Newton-John).

So which camp does Ricky Martin fall into? Ultimately, it was somewhere in the middle. Martin was not even used that much in the episode, and there was a good bit of it seemed as though the show just wanted a big-name guest star to fill in some time. With that being said, there were far worse out there for the show than Martin to fill this role.

The basic premise of this episode was rather simple — Martin’s David Martinez was a teacher at McKinley High’s night school, and Will recruited him to both help New Directions learn some Spanish as well as for his own selfish reason — to improve his teaching skills enough that he receives tenure. What resulted here was a Spanish-language party like no other, with every song in the episode containing lyrics from both languages.

The problem for Will was that in bringing in David, jealousy started to bloom — and he became so desperate to prove himself worthy of tenure that he ended up hurting Emma in the process. He ultimately decided to prove his Latin spirit by donning a ridiculous matador costume and trying to perform Elvis. It was the most embarrassing thing Matthew Morrison has been forced to do since he wrapped “Bust a Move” back in season 1, and it led to a confrontation between Will and Santana over why he wanted to be a Spanish teacher to begin with. There was a too-quick-to-be-authentic apology to Emma thrown in before the final revelation of the hour — that Will actually decided to hand David the job of Spanish teacher. In other words, the door is very open for Martin to come back. As for Will, he is now going to try his luck at history — and Emma ended up being the one who received tenure.

Since there were moments in this episode that actually did not involve Martin, we really should talk about those, as well.

Sue vs. Roz – Did anyone else get the sense that the show needed to create this story simply so that the younger cast members could have a break on set? Sue wanting a baby came out of nowhere, and then NeNe Leakes’ Roz wanting to coach the Cheerios was even more a shock.

With that being said, it was about time that Sue had a new rival, and Leakes once again proved that she is a surprisingly strong addition to the cast — even if she did end up making us actually feel sorry for Sue in the process. Our cheerleading coach actually wanted Will to father her baby, mostly because (in a rather sweet moment) she wanted her child to have a sense of optimism rather than just spite.

The most interesting part of this story was that there is still some mystery as to Sue’s baby dreams — but we still don’t even know if she will have one.

More Samcedes – The relationship between Sam and Mercedes is continuing to play out, and Emma came up with a rather innovative idea to get the two parties actually thinking about what they want before going through with it — actually not talking to each other for a week so they could assess their feelings.

During this silence, both parties still ended up performing songs about their feelings — but they really didn’t get anywhere by the end of the episode versus where they were at the beginning. Mercedes is still with Shane, and we’re still left waiting.

More proposal aftermath – Rachel finally came clean about Finn proposing to Kurt and Mercedes, and this led to a pretty emotional scene where an angry Kurt wondered why his own stepbrother decided not to spill the beans.

Is Finn engaged for the right reasons? Yes and no. He loves her, but the writers did a good job of establishing that so much of this engagement was done out of desperation to hold on to the one thing in his life he was proud of — and in the process, he was losing a sense of his own talent and strengths.

Overall, this was an episode with a great guest star, some funny moments, but also one problem — it really didn’t feel complete. So many stories away from Will and Emma were merely used to just build towards something on the horizon — and we’re simply not there yet.

What did you think about this episode? If you can get the Spanish musica out of your head, feel free to leave a comment or respond in the poll below!

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