‘The Vampire Diaries’: Will things heat up for Caroline and Klaus?

Do you want to see them together?

When the writing team behind ‘The Vampire Diaries’ decided to play with the idea of creating a possible romance between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice Accola) they had no idea what the fan reaction would be – as it turns out fans are loving it and can’t wait to see things heat up between the unlikely couple.

Thursday’s highly anticipated episode matches Klaus and Caroline as they dance in each others arms at a ball.  For fans that just can’t wait to find out what the future holds for these two, Morgan and Accola gave a little insight to E! Online about what viewers can expect when it comes to a Klaus and Caroline romance.  Accola played her cards close to her chest when she spoke about the dancing scene at the ball.  She said;

“That may or may not have occurred: Caroline and Klaus dancing at a ball or they could have super-imposed our heads onto different bodies very easily. You never know.”

One of the things that fans noticed right away about the photo of Caroline and Klaus dancing was that Caroline appeared to be wearing the diamond bracelet that Klaus gave her for her birthday.  When asked if it was Klaus’ bracelet, Accola said;

“Caroline may or may not have been wearing the bracelet that Klaus gave her or picked up her own version at Claire’s to be like, ‘You can’t buy me because I can buy my own bracelet!’ Caroline and Klaus will be dancing at the ball together and we shall see if that is something that they both want or if it’s not. I think there’s definitely the possibility for a romantic relationship to happen between those two.”

The fan reaction behind the idea of Klaus and Caroline falling in love has been very positive and Morgan admitted that he was a little surprised when he found out fans are actually rooting for these two to get together.  He said;

“I expected a reaction, but it’s been pretty amazing. I watched it in my hotel room, but the TV was kind of crappy, so I wanted to watch it again. I looked it up the next day to see if it was on YouTube and what I found was pages and pages of fan videos of like ‘Klaroline’ or ‘Carolaus.’ It was kind of amazing how people latched onto that.”

When asked if he thought that there was a future between Caroline and Klaus, Morgan said that he wasn’t sure.  He said;

“I think it’s going to be a stretch for her to forgive him for everything that he’s done.”

So what about Tyler Lockwood, Caroline’s werewolf companion?  Do her feelings for Klaus leave Tyler out in the cold?  Accola said;

“Tyler is definitely realizing that he needs to work on himself.  He has decided to separate himself from the people that he loves so he doesn’t hurt them anymore.”

While there may still be some fans holding out hope for Caroline and Tyler finding a way to reunite, many have given up on that story line and have fixated on the possibility of Klaus and Caroline.

Where do you stand on the debate?  Leave us a comment and let us know who you hope Caroline will end up with – if anyone at all.

Photo: Quantrell D. Colbert, CW

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