’19 Kids and Counting’ Duggar family battle ‘extortion’ plot

They came out on top

When it comes to the kids from the Duggar family, what you see on ’19 Kids and Counting’ is pretty much what you get – good, wholesome children with solid Christian beliefs and while many reality shows are pushing a train wreck agenda, the Duggar family offers an alternative.

As reality fans continue to feed their addictions for trash TV it has become apparent that there are some that are sitting in the side lines waiting for one of the Duggar kids to fall from grace so viewers can bathe in the scandal.  People waiting for that day to come may be waiting for a very long time for that to happen, if not forever.

Radar Online has learned through federal court documents that the Duggar family has become the target of an alleged extortion plot and Teresa Hunt has been arrested after allegedly coming up with the scam to ruin the Duggar’s reputation if she wasn’t paid for her silence.

So what did Hunt have on the Duggar’s?  Not really much of anything as it turns out.  She had photos of one of the members of the family, Amy Dugger, (the daughter of Jim Bob Duggar’s older sister) in “apparently intimate situations” with an older man and allegedly asked for $10,000 from TLC parent company Discovery Communications or the cancellation of the show in exchange for her not releasing the pictures or talking to the media.

Amy Duggar has denied that she had any sort of illicit relationship with the man and has said that he was a “longtime family friend” – nothing more.

Hunt was taken into custody last week after a federal agent posing as a representative from Discovery Communications contacted her about the photos and the money in a sting operation and has now been charged with one count of extortion.

With a family as large as the Duggar’s it is a little surprising that not one of the family members has gone to the dark side at this point, but as they have proven time and time again their bond can’t be broken and with so many family members watching out for each other it may be a while before anyone strays from the righteous path.

Photo: Jim Bob Duggar

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