‘The Bachelor’: Casey Shteamer, Blakely Shea flood the Panama Canal

A rough night for Casey.

Can “The Bachelor” turn Courtney Robertson from someone who is evil into someone who is just misunderstood? For a few minutes during this broadcast, they really tried to make her sympathetic in a Michelle Money – “Bachelor Pad.” The problem is that while we felt for Michelle, most of Courtney’s problems were ones that she put upon herself.

First, let’s focus on the moment that screamed “please love me!” during this episode — a scene in which our resident model was desperate for her knight in shining armor (in Ben Flajnik) to show up at her hotel room, and when he didn’t show up, she ended up ranting about how men always love her at first but never end up appreciating her in the end.

Now, let’s look at the problems with this. First and foremost, Courtney has obviously never heard that you can only go so fast for so long. She has been relentlessly aggressive throughout the season, even to the point where she ran around without a top on during the group date in Panama. Did she ever hear that slow and steady wins the race?

Courtney also puts herself in a position where she is isolated in acting so harshly to some of the other women, and that can’t make the situation with any easier when the ladies don’t want to speak positively on you. Take for instance Emily — the girl tried to actually give a genuine apology to Courtney, and she proceeded to metaphorically spit in her face. Even if she didn’t want to forgive her (which we do understand and we would probably feel the same way in her shoes), it doesn’t really help her on a show like this to be so cold in front of everyone.

Of course, all of this could end up being as moot a point as trying to figure out why Chris Harrison announces the final rose at the ceremony — Courtney has a rose, and she still seems to be the favorite to win this whole show. But how much more are the producers going to try and make America like her before it happens?

As for the other women…

Kacie B. – Kacie had the opportunity to be the first contestant to go on two one-on-one dates this season, and this resulted in her frolicking around, talking about the grocery store for the second time this season, and having to defend herself against claims that she was too young. She nonetheless received another rose, and she cemented herself as the girl that most people on this season (alongside Lindzi) want to see end up with Ben.

Lindzi – The thing that makes Lindzi someone to root for is that — one cheesy break-up text aside — is that she seems like she’s ready for a relationship, and she’s not desperate for fame, attention, or anything that typically seems to hover around contestants on dating shows. Ben gave her a rose during the group date, and it is part of what caused Courtney’s downward spiral.

Blakely – We do feel very much sorry for Blakely at this point — she seems to be a woman who really was there for the right reasons, but didn’t always know when to be aggressive and when to be personal. (Some of the other women not liking her hurt, as well.) Her collage of newspaper clippings (otherwise known as the sweetest ransom note ever!) was a nice attempt to stay during the 2-on-1 date, but it was really too little, too late as she was sent home over Rachel anyway.

Casey S. – While Blakely ended up creating a swimming pool of tears as she tried to run away from Ben in anger during the 2-on-1 date, Casey S. created a whole ocean. We weren’t sure what we were going to feel about her “scandal” during this episode, but you really can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.

Basically, here’s what happened — Casey was confronted by Chris Harrison over claims that she had a boyfriend named Michael back home, but she denied this. However, she admitted that she went on the show still having feelings for the guy — and that she hoped they would change since he had no intentions of every marrying her. We completely understand why Casey came on the show, as she hoped to get over some of those feelings and thought that this would be a way in which she could since she would be forced to fast.

Would Ben have kept her if she had been honest earlier on? That’s a question we will be asking for quite a while. While we thought he could have been a bit nicer to her (especially since he still hasn’t been nice enough to talk about what happened in Puerto Rico with Courtney), we also understand why he wants people completely committed to him.

Jamie – …And now, we introduce the girl with big dreams and terrible execution! You could tell that Jamie planned out her time with Ben at the cocktail party to the finest detail, but it was really like a teenage girl buying tickets to see Justin Bieber, running on stage to meet him, and then freezing up the moment he asks her what her name is.

Poor Jamie. This show is rough, and Ben doesn’t always make it easy.

Thanks to the exits of Casey, Blakely, and Jamie, we now have a lineup that consists solely of Rachel, Lindzi, Courtney Kacie, Kicki, and Emily. Next week, the girls will be off to Belize — and more drama, craziness, and of course tears will unfold.

Photo: ABC

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