Will Ferrell’s Super Bowl XLVI commercial for Old Milwaukee goes viral (Video)

Will is at it again with Old Milwaukee

Advertisers were paying big bucks this year to have their commercials air during Super Bowl XLVI, not only to the network, but also to make their ads splashy and memorable as they dropped cars out of planes, used a baby sling shot to snatch a child’s Doritos and had a red M&M strip off his shell and dance to LMFAO’s hit song ‘I’m Sexy and I know it’.

One of the items companies were dropping mad cash on was celebrity endorsements as we saw Betty White, Matthew Broderick and Elton John selling everything from cars to Pepsi, but one commercial almost everyone missed out on was the Old Milwaukee ad starring Will Ferrell.

The comedian has worked with the beer company in the past, and helped them put together a very simple but effective commercial for the Super Bowl.  Are you wondering why you don’t remember seeing it?  Don’t worry you didn’t have so many Super Bowl beers that you don’t remember it (or maybe you did) – the commercial only aired in North Platte, Nebraska, so unless you live there you were left searching for it online today like the rest of us.

Ferrell and Old Milwaukee decided that they wanted to keep the commercial local and didn’t include any special effects or glittery dance numbers to get the viewers attention.  Instead all they had was Ferrell walking through a Nebraskan field for 30 seconds with a surprising finish.

Check out Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee advertisement below and let us know what you think.

Photo: You Tube, Old Milwaukee


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