‘The Bachelor’s’ Jennifer Fritsch says Ben should ‘run’ from Courtney

She’s frustrated about the situation

As this season of ‘The Bachelor’ goes on, viewers are resigning themselves to the fact that Ben Flajnik is going to pick Courtney Roberson at the end of the show, but it hasn’t stopped the other contestants in the house from speaking their mind about the model and trying to warn Ben from the tragic mistake he’s likely going to make.

Jennifer Fritsch’s shocking elimination from ‘The Bachelor’ not only caught her off guard, but also shocked a lot of the viewers and while Ben has had a chance to talk about Jennifer’s exit on his weekly blog on People, she hasn’t had a chance to talk about the events leading up to her exit until now.  She said;

“He said something to the effect of I was feeling a bit more [for him] than he was for me. I didn’t think it was a good answer because I didn’t pick up that vibe from him at all. The only closure I’ve had was from his blog. It was a nice blog and definitely helps me now. If he sent me home based on the fact that he didn’t feel it, that’s fine.”

Fritsch added that she felt frustrated that she came off of such a great one on one date with Ben only to get eliminated shortly after.  She explained;

“Everything was right. I wouldn’t change anything. I came off a great one-on-one date. Conversation was so easy and natural. We had a great conversation at the party. He knew how I was feeling. I felt like he reassured me of his feelings. And then he proceeded to kiss me. I walked away thinking, “I’ve got this in the bag. I was very frustrated. I had the rug pulled out from underneath me [although] he was a good kisser.”

Jennifer had once called Ben “perfect” for her, but after watching Ben and Courtney’s midnight swim on television, she quickly changed her opinion of him – as many people have.  She said;

“I’ve changed my mind. [seeing the swimming promo] I’m glad he sent me home. I left having no idea. I’m ok with [midnight swim] but there’s a time and place. It was a little early in a relationship to take such a big leap with one girl. It bothers me that he just went along with it with 10 girls left. He’s inconsistent and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, especially the people potentially falling in love with him. He made his bed. If it’s not Courtney in the end, I wish him luck. He’ll be facing a lot of questions.”

When it comes to Courtney, Jennifer didn’t hold anything back saying that she “didn’t like her” and now watching her on the show her opinion hasn’t changed.  She said;

“I knew I didn’t like her while there, but I had to live with her so I wasn’t mean. Watching, I have a much stronger opinion. I don’t have one good thing to say about her. She’s portrayed as exactly the person she is. I don’t think she has a better side than her looks.”

“If he can’t see through her, he doesn’t deserve to have anyone tell him different. It’s a moot point. He’s caught in her web and there’s no escaping. I would be embarrassed because you’re seeing what everyone has been telling you the whole time. He looks like a fool. “

“If he’s with Courtney, my advice is run for the hills”

Many fans were excited to hear that Ben was chosen as the ‘Bachelor’ after Ashley Hebert turned him down leaving him broken-hearted, but viewers have quickly turned on Ben as he falls deeper for Courtney’s antics and turns away real genuine women that are there for love and not fame. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: ABC

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