‘The Voice’ premiere: Chris Mann rules post-Super Bowl show

The show is on!

After more waiting than we could tolerate (and more bad singing shows than we can write about here), “The Voice” is finally back! Based on this premiere, we’re ready to make a bold prediction — this could be the year that the show passes “American Idol” when it comes to success. The talent was stronger in this premiere vs the “Idol” auditions, and the judges / coaches had a rapport that was both natural and funny.

Oh, and there’s also another aspect about the premiere that we’re happy about — not having to hear any terrible singers at all during the episode.

RaeLynn – Our first singer of the night, RaeLynn actually sounds a bit of a hybrid between Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart from “American Idol” last star. She also had a big personality, and a love for Blake Shelton’s wife that made her fawn all over him the moment he turned his chair around. Suffice it to say, that is who she picked.

Jesse Campbell – We’re pretty much in love with Jesse’s voice, which is smoother than butter and we could listen to it all day. The issue? He’s got a voice that is somewhat similar to Javier Colon from last season, and America may not want a similar singer. All four judges turned around, but Jesse ultimately made a smart pick in choosing Christina Aguilera.

Daniel Rosa – Daniel was the first person to leave empty-handed on the show, and we will give him some credit — he did the right thing after his audition in asking what he could have done better. Their response? Pitch — and they were right since he was a bit all over the place during this audition (even if he was a pretty nice guy).

Juliet Simms – We already name-dropped Haley once in this article, and now we’re doing it again since Juliet auditioned to the same song as the “Idol” growler. Adam Levine loved this rocker girl so much that he stood up while his chair turned around. Cee Lo Green, meanwhile, said that she “turned [him] on,” and Juliet looked like she wanted to run away. Nonetheless, Juliet picked Cee Lo to be her coach moving forward.

Chris Mann – What a beautiful audition this was! As a matter of fact, this may be our favorite reality TV audition of the past year. The one-time “Glee” Warbler Mann is not necessarily pop, but his voice does have a Josh Groban vibe. While we’re not sure how far he will go, he ultimately made a smart choice is joining Christina Aguilera’s team. Both have gigantic voices, and she will be able to find songs that end up suiting him perfectly.

Tony Lucca – This was a great way to close the show in a number of ways — not only did Tony give a fantastic performance of “Trouble,” but he also has a rather interesting connection to Christina Aguilera. The two parties worked together briefly on “The Mickey Mouse Club,” but Christina actually didn’t recognize him at all. What was even more interesting here is that Tony did a classy thing and didn’t even bother to bring it up when he was on stage. (Christina did eventually come to her senses, and ended up greeting him backstage.)

After this stellar premiere, we have to say — we’re pretty excited for the talent (and the madness) that is coming up this season. Who was your favorite?

Photo: NBC


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