Super Bowl commercials: Ferris Bueller, Jerry Seinfeld, other highlights

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Super Bowl XLVI is finally upon us! Bust out the chicken wings and potato chips for the celebration — and also keep checking back here, as we are going to be showcasing some of the top ads from the NBC broadcast over the course of the entire evening.

Some of the ads have already hit the internet — which in many ways takes away the joy of seeing them on the show for the first time. Nonetheless, that doesn’t diminish their value … does it?

“Ferris Bueller” for Honda – Not everyone has been a fan of this commercial, mostly since they are against the notion of Matthew Broderick impersonating one of his famous characters in the context of selling the Honda CRV.

However, the Super Bowl is a corporate event — and rather than bemoaning the ad for this reason alone, let’s praise all of the delightful references to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” that are thrown into this joyful spot.

Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno square off in Acura battle – Yes, this does certainly seem like a prime example or “rich people problems” — but isn’t it still fun?

This ad features Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno each wanting to claim ownership of the first brand-new Acura model, with Seinfeld promising the owner of the keys pretty much everything in his possession. Unfortunately for him, Jay Leno swooped in at the last minute to take it from him — which is something that David Letterman knows a good bit about already.

Pepsi shows off Melanie Amaro, Elton John – While we were a bit let down by the impact that this commercial ultimately had (mostly from an entertainment standpoint), it is nice to see the “X Factor” champ Amaro make her big debut away from the show (though we wish we were hearing her sing something other than a cover).

As for the Flava Flav cameo, it would funnier if it was 2008.

NFL players sing – We always love seeing athletes going completely and totally out of their element, and we have to say that Minnesota Vikings star Jared Allen really stole the show from everyone with his solo performance of the song “Wind Beneath My Wings” — which, like with many other players, was performed to tribute the fans.

In Allen’s own words, he “nailed” this one.

Will Arnett, Hulu superstar – Will Arnett tries very hard to be hip, and Hulu has a whole seems to be desperate to throw in as many pop-culture references as possible within the run time of about half a minute.

Does it work out? Let’s put it this way — we’ll take listening to Jared Allen sing any day of the week.

Hyundai … the underdog? – We know that commercials love to use the theme from “Rocky” as often as humanly possible, and this spot featured a chorus of people singing the track a cappella as a means to cheer up a distressed employee.

Was this spot particular funny? Not really, but we’ll take anything from a car company that does not merely feature some cars driving around to dull music.

Audi sucks … for vampires – In what was an inspired spoof at “The Twilight Saga,” Audi featured a vampire in their commercial who made a key mistake — turning on his headlines, and thus eliminating all of its friends.

It was a simple but effective premise for an ad, and the message here was rather simple — Audi’s have themselves some pretty spectacular headlights.

┬áM&Ms lose their shell – First things first, mass credit to M&M for not actually revealing their ad online before the show. This created a feel of surprise, and allowed the candy company to have the most effective ad in the early portion of the show. (Unfortunately, this means that we will be waiting a bit until the video hits the internet to post here — but it’s worth it.)

We met a dark brown M&M character in this character, and through some confusion we ended up seeing Red losing his shell and dancing around to a certain LMFAO hit. Let’s just hope that he can get his shell back on after suffering this embarrassment…

Update: we have it now!

An unfortunate graduation gift – In taking a cue from the classic Lexus holiday commercials featuring cars with bows on them, Chevrolet introduced an ad about parents giving their child a refrigerator for college — but when he saw the car behind him, let’s just say that he was obviously hoping for a new set of wheels.

This was a perfect ad for the company, who managed to hype up the Camaro as a popular car while at the same time setting up some embarrassment courtesy of a young man who proposed as a result of his car euphoria.

Darth Vader is back – In following up their enormously popular ad from last year, Volkswagen unveiled a new spot showcasing an adversary for their child dressed as the villain — a dog.

The ad does a great job of selling the story, and the presence of the Vader kid to begin with has allowed Volkswagen to build up some hype before the game even started. There’s also some other “Star Wards” references thrown in here for good measure.

Chevrolet Sonic – Featuring the fun. song “We Are Young,” the real thing we want to point here are some of the tricks that the stunt drivers put this car through. It’s not altogether funny, but it is pretty incredibly to watch.

Sketchers unleashed the bulldog – Sketches obviously wanted to prove a point by having a bulldog don a pair of their shoes to excel in the racing world — but there’s also something about the world of competitive dog racing that also turns some people off.

While this commercial was not as hilarious as others on the broadcast, we will at least praise the company for not making us have to watch Kim Kardashian sweat again.

The E*TRADE babies – Just in case you missed them, the babies are back — but this may be a campaign that has at this point run its course.

At this point in time, we know that the company is going to show up with a spot featuring tykes talking about financial planning, and this one was no different. It was cheeky, but not necessarily spectacular.

Dannon – We all love John Stamos … but watching John Stamos get completely decimated by a woman desperate for extra yogurt? It’s even more hilarious.

The best part of this commercial was simply seeing that Stamos was game enough to have his image picked apart in a spot like this.

Pepsi MAX – There really isn’t too much to mention here outside of a brief cameo from Regis Philbin at the very end of the spot.

Fiat has one alluring car… – We all know that people love cars, but do they really love them enough to start to treat them like a potential girlfriend? If you believe this commercial, that certainly seems to be the case.

We also give Fiat applause with this ad for dumping Jennifer Lopez (who has appeared in a recent spot), and going instead with something a bit more inventive.

As we mentioned, keep checking back to this page throughout the night, as we’re going to have more commercials featured throughout!

Photo: NBC

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