TV moments of the week: ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Glee,’ and other celebrations

The wedding bells are already over.

While there are often moments on TV that want to make you cry, we also had plenty to cheer about in this past week — though we have to say, we would never expect to find ourselves cheering about someone running away from the altar.

Gossip Girl” celebrates 100 – It’s so rare to see a show make it to a hundred episodes that this is almost worth celebrating in itself — but when an episode like this comes around, you have to throw some extra confetti on top.

Everyone assumed that Blair’s wedding to Prince Louis would not go off without a hitch — and while she did end up saying “I do,” the revelation that Georgina was the infamous G.G. — coupled with the release of a video confessing her feelings for Chuck — caused her to bolt from the reception with Dan in tow.

Somehow, this moment gave fans of Chuck / Blair and Dan / Blair each hope … and if there are any Prince Louis fans out there, their sobs have been deafened by the cheers of everyone else.

Rachel puts a ring on it! – “Glee” made us wait two weeks to learn that Rachel was going to say yes to Finn’s proposal, but the emotional climax of her response seemed perfect. Near the end of the Michael Jackson tribute episode, Rachel agreed to go through with the engagement — despite warnings from her classmate Quinn that her prosperous future could complicate things — during a performance of the King of Pop’s “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”

While there were a number of other great moments during this episode, seeing Rachel say yes — and not giving up on a relationship that could have complications down the road if she gets accepted into NYADA as a full-time student — was one that made us smile the brightest.

Courtney and Ben go for a dip – For the second straight week, “The Bachelor” makes the cut here for a moment that while it was pretty awful, managed to provide some pretty great entertainment.

Seeing Ben Flajnik go along with Courtney’s plans to dress down and jump in the ocean showed a bit of the man’s naivety, and his decision to not tell any of the other women pretty much showed that he does not always think with their best interests in mind. Not only are these people probably feeling rather silly about themselves now, but they may end up resenting Ben in the process.

Ever since the episode aired, we’ve been having this debate — would the women have left the show had they known what Ben and Courtney were doing? We’re betting that the answer is “yes.”

Saturday Night Live” wastes no time mocking Lana Del Rey – Just a few short weeks after her was attacked relentlessly for her performance of “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans,” Kristen Wiig decided to dress up as the singer for a well-executed spoof of the singer on this week’s show.

What made this moment particularly interesting was how the show managed to effectively alternate between being a full-on slam of Del Rey and also a defense of her performance — largely through the argument that the show has seen far worse over the course of its lengthy history.

Del Rey has herself already said that she though she did a good job on the show … so with that, it probably doesn’t even matter what anyone else thinks.

Worst TV moment of the week – The “American Idol” auditions end with a whimper. We don’t know if we’ve ever seen an audition round produce so many yawns over the eleven-season history of “Idol.” The biggest problem with the show was not only the lack of interesting auditions, but the strong singers (particularly in this past week) really was not even that strong.

After the first two episodes of the season (set in Savannah and Pittsburgh) gave us so much hope that we would see some more great talent, Portland and St. Louis this week gave us next to nothing. We remember Lauren Gray and the guy with the dad in rehab, but we are already starting to forget about everything else.

Photo: The CW


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