‘Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham dishes on storylines, signs record deal (Video)

She landed a record deal

For all the ‘Vampire Diaries’ viewers that thought that Caroline’s dad was the last person to pass away on the show this season, you may be in for a bit of a shock.

With the original vampire family reunited and all on the same page, the residents of Mystic Falls are in for some serious trouble. Everyone’s favorite witch, Kat Graham, recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and gave viewers the scoop on the fast moving storylines, who may not make it out alive, and what the plans are to stop the originals from wiping Mystic Falls off the map.  Kat said;

“The show is very epic. The storylines move really really quick. [It’s] definitely one of the fastest storylines I’ve ever been a fan of watching or that I’ve been involved with. So there will be developments that are going to happen [in every episode].  The episodes with the originals are going to start reaching a head and you’re not going to know whose going to [pass away] and whose going to survive and what plans really are going to work this time. And what plans are going to be stopped and thwarted. So some really massive confrontations are definitely going down… that WILL result in death.”

The CW has given Graham’s character a pretty great story line this season as she meets the mother who abandoned her and tries to find a way to work through her feelings while working together with her mom to help her friends battle the originals.  Kat explains;

“There’s still stuff to hash out. If somebody does something to you that really really hurts you and has created a ripple effect in your life, you don’t really forget about that and you have to go back and deal with them. You sort of go back into a protective mode because you feel like they’re going to go back and do it again. So Bonnie feels like her mother has to win her trust.”

In other Kat Graham related news the actress is getting ready to launch her music career as she just signed a recording contract with A&M/Octone Records.  Kat posted a video on YouTube announcing the news about her record deal.  She said;

“I am so, so excited to share my big, special announcement with you guys. As you can see I’m in a recording studio… the reason is I am now signed to A&M/Octone Records. It’s my first time being signed to a major label and we have a single. The new song that you guys will be hearing is called Put Your Graffiti On Me. We’re shooting a music video this weekend and I’m so excited that you guys are going to be a part of this journey with me!”

Check out the video that Kat posted on her official YouTube account an let us know if you are excited to hear her upcoming album.

Photo: CW


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