‘Glee’ preview: spoilers, dish from ‘The Spanish Teacher’

What do we make of this?

After last week’s song-heavy-but-still-strong Michael Jackson tribute episode of “Glee,” season 3 has some pretty solid momentum going leading into what is their first episode of the season featuring a big-name guest star — “The Spanish Teacher” featuring Ricky Martin.

So what do we make of this episode so far? We’re really not sure. We are more than thrilled to see a good bit of Spanish thrown in, but some moments (including the photo attached to this article) come across as cheesy. Nonetheless, the music is a different flavor than what we have seen in the past … and it’s always good to have a little bit of spice, right?

Here are a few things that we can expect to see during this episode:

1. Meet Dave Martinez – Martin’s character arrives on the scene as Matthew Morrison’s Will attends night classes to increase his chances at tenure — and somehow, this leads to a rather crazy rendition of an LMFAO hit in the choir room. Martin also sings a Madonna hit with Naya Rivera during the episode, and we find out a good bit more about just how good of a teacher Will really is.

2. Sue wants a baby – Without her sister around anymore, Sue may be looking for something to fill the maternal void in her life — and thanks to this, she wants to try and have herself a baby. What results from here is a rather funny series of events that includes NeNe Leakes’ Roz Washington returning and firing a few barbs in Sue’s direction. As for who Sue wants to be the father … the answer may surprise you.

3. More Samcedes – There’s no guarantee that Sam and Mercedes are going to get back together during this episode, but their relationship will continue to be addressed … just don’t expect Shane to go quietly while he watches an ex steal away his woman.

4. Coach Beiste teaches hygiene – It may not be a major moment that drops a few jaws, but expect to see Dot-Marie Jones’ character giving a rather unique lecture to some of the guys about keeping a certain “fashion accessory” clear — and it leads to some rather hilarious one-liners in the process.

5. Proposal aftermath – There will be a good bit of Will / Emma goodness this episode — and when it comes to Finn / Rachel, most of what we see is going to come from other people as they start to find out about the young couple’s engagement. Expect Kurt to get involved in a rather surprising way.

The biggest thing we are excited about? There will be another shocker at the end of this episode — but that’s all we’re going to say on that subject.

Photo: Fox

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