‘The Bachelor’ preview: Jamie, Casey S. rise from obscurity

What makes Casey cry?

When the contestant pool starts to dissipate on a show like “The Bachelor,” there’s only so long that some women can stay in hiding — or, in the case of editors, be kept from the viewers because they are not altogether interesting.

With this in mind, expect to see quite a bit of a pair of contestants who have been nothing more than names and smiles on Ben Flajnik’s season thus far — Casey Shteamer and Jamie Otis.

About Casey – We would consider this to be a spoiler if it was not for the fact that ABC has already spoiled it via various interviews and video previews, but they obviously don’t seem to care about this information being out before the episode airs. Casey S. (as she is called on the show to differentiate from Kacie B. — or, as we like to call her, the Kacie with air time) seems to have hidden from producers that she has a boyfriend back home, and Chris Harrison decides to confront her on it the moment he finds out. Of course, this also happens to be the moment that the cameras are there and it is convenient for drama purposes.

Harrison has said in interviews this week that he chose to be more confrontational here after having some regrets about how he handled the Bentley Williams situation from Ashley Hebert’s season, and these accusations certainly seem to upset Casey the moment they are brought up. You can see a snippet of this in the video at the bottom of this article — with a slow cry from Casey brought in for good measure.

At the moment, we’ll reserve at least some judgment on Casey’s accusations, if for no other reason than that we haven’t heard her side. Maybe it’s possible that someone (a past ex?) is trying to deliberately hurt her by presenting to be a current boyfriend.

Too. Much. Control.

About Jamie – Jamie has received an edit that makes even Casey’s look over-the-top, but what we have seen from her this episode makes us feel both sorry for her and have horrible memories of Elizabeth Kitt on Jake Pavelka’s season at the same time.

In the case of feeling sorry, it’s simply due to the fact that Courtney (in what should be a surprise to pretty much no one at this point) decides to start¬†gallivanting¬†behind Ben wearing a bathing suit while the two try to be romantic during what looks like it may be a group date. Awkward? Definitely.

Meanwhile, the Elizabeth memories come a bit later when Jamie and Ben finally do kiss, and she decides to use it as an opportunity to micromanage how far they go each time they lean in and picker up. Who does this? Like Elizabeth’s famed “no-kiss policy” to Jake, this seems more like an unnecessary game that is not going to work out well for her. (We learned earlier this season with Anna not saying anything to Ben upon stepping out of the limo that he doesn’t really like games.)

The other highlights

-This episode marks the first opportunity for us to a see a two-on-one date this season, meaning that someone is likely set to get their heart smashed while another person celebrates in front of them. These dates traditionally turn out to be the most dramatic of the season — thought it’s going to be tough to top Jake sending both of his girls home or Ali Fedotowsky giving Justin Rego a rose over then-rival Kasey Kahl.

-We are also going to see Courtney setting off the censors for the second straight week — this time thanks to a traditional outfit that Courtney decides to wear without a top. Her argument? That she’s celebrating the local culture. Our argument? She already knows that this works and infuriates the other girls at the same time.

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