‘Jersey Shore’ — where drama is the product of a Situation

What has Mike done now?

In all the years we have watched TV, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of “Jersey Shore” has found himself a rare gift — one where he can produce drama in the blink of an eye, often blaming people for problems that they did not even create in the slightest.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of a rather simple issue that really started out of nowhere. During Thursday night’s episode, Sitch was starting to feel a little bit paranoid during a trip out (while of course being a little bit inebriated) that some of the other guys weren’t exactly keen on hanging out with them, and Ronnie even made a joke beforehand about him more less being ready to “blow up” and cause drama even in the midst of him trying to be nice. This comment offended the man, and he turned to Snooki and Deena (a.k.a. “Team Meatball” or “Team Fall Down Three Times an Episode”) on board their not-so-fun “Fun Taxi” for advice. Their response? Confront the guys with his feelings.

Eventually, The Situation did just that — but the men didn’t really respond because guys talking about their feelings (especially these guys) often leads to a series of grunts and “whatevers.” Eventually Pauly D (who has somehow managed to avoid almost all drama imagine since Angelina slapped him in Miami) reassured our muscular ball of emotion that everything was all right … but then Mike eventually took this as a sign to start plotting against Snooki for possibly putting him against the other guys. (Is it possible there’s more to this that we’re not seeing? Sure, but we have to go by what the editors showcase.)

Trouble began in Italy.

The issue with Mike is a complicated one — he’s obviously a valuable part of the show, and quite frankly the past two seasons would be pretty dull without his antics. There has also been something different about him, though, almost that is hard to explain — it’s like the guy feels the weight of the world on his shoulders constantly, and he has tried to escape the world of the “Shore” (as seen by him frequently dipping away from the gang) even while he is taping the show. Even when he was supposedly being ostracized by his castmates, he was doing it himself by wanting to throw himself a party rather than heading to the batting cages. It wasn’t always like this, but something changed with the guy before Italy.

Admittedly, a nice change for Mike has been seeing him develop feelings for a girl like Paula (who he has spent time with regularly this season) — but he also has balanced this out with continuing to fight with Snooki about some supposed fling they had months ago that she is never going to say actually happened. It’s almost like a “one step forward, two steps back” sort of sentiment where the more he harps on something with little result, the worse everything around him becomes.

Ultimately, we don’t know what this show would do without The Situation — we don’t quite understand him, or even know just how he gets himself involved in drama even when he has good intentions (which does happen from time to time). It’s true that he has been pigeonholed as the “bad guy” at times; but isn’t there something to be said for a guy actually willing to take on this role?

What’s been your take on Mike these past two seasons?

Photo: MTV

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