‘Bones’ season 9, episode 18 review: The fun in ‘The Killer in the Kudzu’

What's ahead -Monday night’s all-new episode of “Bones” was entitled “The Killer in the Kudzu,” and it was a case almost like no other when it comes to the show. We had an entertaining main case that was somewhat different than others, a nice B story for Clark, and also some good moments with both Booth and Brennan with Christine.

As always, we’re not interested in spending that much time talking about the main case, mostly because there is only so much you can say. There is a mystery, and the team at the Jeffersonian did everything in their power to figure it out. What made this stand out was a bizarre disposal of the body (surrounded in kudzu), and the fact that you were talking about a man famous for wearing a carrot costume. Of course, this leads to all sorts of “rotten vegetable” jokes.

But what made this episode particularly interesting to us was more of the other stuff. For example, who thought that we were going to suddenly see Clark the author surface here? Cam, Hodgins, and everyone else assumed that they were going to have to crush his dreams and tell him that his work wasn’t any good … only for them to be completely blindsided by the fact that he picked up a publisher. Sure, this was pretty unrealistic for the hyper-competitive world of book publishing, but this was TV.

As for the story surrounding Christine’s birthday party, it was mostly pure fun. It’s always nice to see Brennan’s dad back in the picture, and nothing will ever take away from us the sight of seeing Booth dressed up in a giant one-man band costume. This accentuated and supported an episode that, while not particularly memorable, was still very enjoyable to watch. Grade: B+.

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