Emily Maynard ‘excited’ for ‘The Bachelorette’, will Bentley be a contestant?

Would she pick Bentley?

Many thought it couldn’t be done, but producers have somehow convinced ‘Bachelor’ favorite Emily Maynard to come back as ‘The Bachelorette’ next season after her relationship with Brad Womack went nowhere fast.

After Emily and Brad broke off their engagement, producers of ‘The Bachelorette’ made Emily an offer she couldn’t refuse and she signed on in an attempt to find true love as well as a father figure for her daughter. A source spoke to People Magazine about what Emily is looking for in a man and said;

“She is looking for someone who makes her laugh, doesn’t take himself too seriously and can be her best friend.”

Emily herself said that she is looking for stability above all else, for her and her daughter.  She said;

“I need stability. A lot of times in Charlotte, I would go out with guys, and most guys knew my story. It’s just a lot to handle. And with a young child, you know, it’s a lot to ask of guys.”

Maynard broke the hearts of viewers everywhere when she revealed that her very first love had tragically passed away in a race car accident and fans instantly fell in love with her, including a few men that signed up for the last season of ‘The Bachelorette’ in hope of it being Emily.

As it turned out it was not Emily and the ‘Bachelorette’ was actually Ashley Hebert and during her season she fell hard for a contestant named Bentley Williams whose original purpose for coming on the show was in hopes of falling in love with Emily, but when he found out that the ‘Bachelorette’ was Ashley he decided to leave the show, but it wasn’t without it’s controversy of course.

Bentley strung Ashley along for weeks making her fall so head over heels in love with him that she couldn’t see straight when he exited the show and he left her thinking that once she ended her time on the series that she might actually have a shot with him even though he had no intentions of seeing her again.

Now that Emily is the ‘Bachelorette’ there are rumors circulating that Bentley may be asked to return for her season and if we had to venture a guess, we’d say that producers are doing everything they can to get him to come back.  Bachelor host Chris Harrison spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of bringing Bentley back for Emily’s season and this is what he had to said;

“Honestly, we haven’t approached Bentley. I don’t think he’s approached us. The only reason everyone is talking about it is because they remember that moment where he said, ‘I came on The Bachelorette thinking Emily was going to be the Bachelorette,’ and obviously it was Ashley and chaos ensued … I don’t mean to be the big brother like I’m the gatekeeper, but he’d have to impress me. I love Emily. She’s a friend of mine, and before I let any SOB on the show, I want to make sure he’s a good guy. But you know what, I wouldn’t be opposed to him coming back. I really wouldn’t. This has nothing to do with TV. If he came back and did a full mea culpa and threw himself on the court and said, ‘Look, I was an ass. I screwed up. I am sorry. You’re right. Now that I watch it back, we all make mistakes. We all do foolish things,’ if he came back and seemed sincere, then it’s up to Emily. I don’t mind giving someone a chance, because then it’s her choice. And you know what, crazier things have happened, maybe they end up happily married.”

Emily’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’ will start up in May of this year on ABC.  Will you be tuning in?

Photo: ABC

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