HBO presents new videos for ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘True Blood’

Return to Westeros!

The folks at HBO seem to be rather keen on torturing their viewers in the best way possible — after all, we are now talking about two trailers for shows that are not going to be premiering for another two months — and in the case of “True Blood,” even longer.

A return to Westeros – What made the first season of “Game of Thrones” special was how it managed to take the work of George R.R. Martin and actually do something rare for a television series — adapt it faithfully. There were questions about how a fantasy series of epic scope could play on TV, but so far HBO and the creative team have managed to make the right cuts when they need to, and reserve their big-budget crowd scenes for key moments.

Season 2 is going to present an even greater challenge — there are epic battles within the second book of Martin’s series, and there is also the presence of dragons in the world courtesy of what happened during last summer’s finale. (These effects don’t come cheap, people.) The cast is also larger than ever, which actually serves as a challenge itself to viewers who aren’t familiar with the series going on. (Thankfully, the show does an admirable job of introducing everyone with the facts you need to know in a short span of time.)

HBO has already attached an April 1 premiere to “Thrones,” and the new trailer unveiled Sunday night shows off some of the first actual footage from the season we have seen yet.

It’s returning this summer.

Back to Bon Temps – Unfortunately, we don’t have nearly as substantial a trailer to talk about for season 5 of “True Blood.” The show is much earlier in production than “Thrones,” and is also not set to premiere until we’ve seen the last of Tyrion and company until 2013.

With that being said, the video does at least do a good job at suggesting that some of the cast members are going to have to pay the piper for some of what they have done in the past — from Russell Edgington being buried alive (though the return of Denis O’Hare is still unconfirmed) to Alcide and Seam taking down pack leader Marcus. Nothing in Bon Temps stays buried forever … but will the past of some characters bury them? The teaser trailer at least raises a strong philosophical question to debate until the show returns this summer.

When it comes to the actual plot, expect to see more werewolves — as well as some additional family members to our main character. Our hope is that the show will maintain some of its focus from season 4, and not dive back into the tedious territory it was in during season 3 until Russell went berserk on a news station.

Photo: HBO

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