‘The Bachelor’: Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell, photos, and more drama

Juan Pablo Nikki -Mrs. Carter: Did you really think that all of this drama was over?

The Bachelor” may now be at an end, but when it comes to Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell, their story is probably going to continue for a little while longer (how much longer remains to be seen). Meanwhile, the impression that Juan Pablo gave viewers is probably strong enough to have him be perceived as the worst bachelor in the history of the series, and remember that we had Brad Womack not once, but twice.

Here is the real irony of it all: If Juan Pablo actually articulated some of his thoughts about the show and about his experience on the special, maybe more people would feel like siding with him; but when the cheesy machine known as “The Bachelor” comes across looking like a hero, you know that there is some sort of problem there.

Here’s a few more examples of Juan Pablo’s defiance against the show that made him a star in the first place.

1. Remember that whole “surprise” last night that never happened at the “After the Final Rose”? Well, E! News reports that Juan Pablo had lead the producers to believe that he may be getting set to pop the question … and then he didn’t.

2. Also, Juan Pablo retweeted a pretty interesting message, saying that “When @JuanPaGalavis tells @Nikki_Ferrell he loves her, it’ll be first time in #bachelor history that it means something.” We get the sentiment that is being said here, but isn’t that sort of cruel to say? Don’t Sean and Catherine or Desiree and Chris love each other? They may be pressured at times into saying it by producers, but they wouldn’t still be together if they weren’t in love and we can see so much love between some of these couples that have come out of the show.

Finally, you have the Instagram images below from Juan Pablo himself, which are some more reminders that he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks. Here is the conundrum we have: For someone who wants to have a private life, dude sure is tweeting and posting a lot of pictures.

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Photo: ABC

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