The Muppets respond to Fox News ‘anti-corporate’ accusations (Video)

Miss Piggy tells it like it is

Fox News should know better than to mess with Miss Piggy!

A reporter from Fox News recently accused the Muppets of promoting an “anti-corporate message” in their new film by having the villain be a giant oil tycoon and that the film was just part of a larger Hollywood attempt to use “class warfare to brainwash our children.”

At a recent press conference in London to promote their film, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy fielded questions about Fox News’ comments and said that they do not have prejudices against oil companies and don’t have any secret ‘anti-corporate’ agenda.  Kermit the Frog said;

“You know it’s a funny thing, they were concerned about us having some prejudice against oil companies and I can tell you that’s categorically not true.  Besides if we had a problem with oil companies why would have spent the entire film driving around in a gas guzzling Rolls Royce?”

While Kermit the Frog tried to lighten the mood with a bit of a joke, Miss Piggy went straight for the throat, as she often does.  Miss Piggy said;

“It’s almost as laughable as accusing Fox News as you know being… news.”

As the media laughed at Miss Piggy’s comment, Kermit the Frog said; “Boy that’s going to be all over the internet,” and Miss Piggy retorted by saying “If they take what I say seriously they got a real big problem.”

Check out the video of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy’s responses to Fox News and let us know whose side you are on in this debate.

Photo: YouTube, The Muppets


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