‘The Bachelor’s’ Monica Spannbauer ‘glad’ she left the show

She’s happy she left the show

Ben Flajnik may have won the hearts of many of the women competing for his love on this season of ‘The Bachelor’, but there is one woman who just wasn’t feeling a connection with him, so when it was her turn to leave the show, she felt it was the right choice for both her and Ben.

Bachelor’ contestant Monica Spannbauer tells People Magazine that she would “want to hang out with” Flajnik, but wasn’t really interested in dating him. Unlike some of the other contestants, Monica did not watch the last season of ‘The Bachelor’, so when she met Ben, she really didn’t know much about him.  She said;

“I’d never seen the show so I hadn’t fallen in love with him by watching last season like some girls. I came in literally knowing four things about this man.  The first night I thought he was stuffy and boring. As I got to know him, [I realized] he’s really fun and quirky. He’s definitely a guy I’d want to hang out with, just not [one] I’d want to date.”

Spannbauer went on to say that she was ‘glad’ she left and was originally hoping that Kacie B. would win Ben’s heart in the end, but now that she is watching the show from home, she doesn’t think that Flajnik is deserving of her love.  She said;

“I was glad I left. I was team Kacie B. so [it felt like I] was dating her boyfriend. I couldn’t do that. She’s the sweetest, most adorable thing. What you see is what you get. Watching now, I really hope he doesn’t pick Kacie. I don’t think he’s deserving of what a kind beautiful person she is. I think he’ll break her heart.  If he did pick her and they’re in the blissful new relationship state, having to watch this awfulness will be detrimental. If it’s Courtney [who wins], she can just slough it off and say, “Winning” and won’t care.”

A hot topic on this season of the ‘Bachelor’ is Courtney Robertson, one of the constants that Ben seems to be falling for and has been portrayed on the show as a manipulator.  When it comes to Courtney, Monica didn’t have any trouble throwing Courtney under the bus for her behavior on the show.  She said;

“She deserves everything that’s coming to her. Courtney’s manipulative and not very nice. She said very rotten things to the others.  She’s different around women than a man. She was not shy about making it obvious to the rest of us know she felt better than us. She’s a weird duck. She had to take a 4-hour nap before every event.  He cares what his family thinks and I guarantee they [don’t think] she’s a very nice girl for Ben. If he’s that shallow and she’s that manipulative, they deserve each other.”

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Photo: ABC

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