Rainn Wilson dishes on ‘crazy’ Office spinoff for Dwight Schrute

He will be getting his own spin off

As ‘The Office’ starts to move towards it’s end game for the series, the masterminds behind the hit NBC comedy have started to look towards some of the more popular characters in the show for a potential spin off.

Over the years, fans have either loved or hated the character of Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson, either way viewers couldn’t wait to see what Dwight had up his sleeve next, so it only made sense that the producers looked towards a spin off show based around Dwight and his beet farm.

E! News caught up with Wilson at the Screen Actors Guild Awards over the weekend and asked the comedian if he thought a spin off show based solely on Dwight would work.  He joked;

“That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life!  Spinoffs never work! Don’t people know that?! Why would people think that would ever work, especially for a character as annoying as Dwight Schrute? No, spinoffs are awesome. We are talking about a Dwight spinoff. It could be really cool. It would be on his farm which would be a bed and breakfast and have a crazy menagerie of characters. It would be even more far out than The Office.”

So where exactly does the Dwight Schrute spin off stand at this point?  Rainn said;

“We’re talking about it. It’s a good idea. We’re mulling it over.”

Sources say that NBC would like to involve some of the other cast members from ‘The Office’ in the spin off, but no names have been mentioned at this point.  ‘Office’ fans have been pretty much split when it comes to the idea of a Dwight Schrute spin off – they either hate it the idea or they love it.

Where do you stand?

Photo: NBC

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