‘Saturday Night Live’ breakdown: Talking Lena Dunham with Jason Prager

SNL -There was a lot to discuss when it comes to this edition of “Saturday Night Live,” we couldn’t even fit it all into our full review. That’s what this new edition of The CarterMatt Podcast is for! We’re calling this the Saturday Night Live Breakdown, where CarterMatt Co-Founder Matt Carter and frequent collaborator / One Buff Geek Jason Prager sit back and talk candidly about an episode. This is something that we may do on a recurring basis moving forward, given that “SNL” is something that is a longtime favorite around these parts.

But we’ll warn you now about this podcast: It contains two very different approaches to the episode. You have a perspective that is fairly supportive of host Lena Dunham and this episode, and the you have another one who is ready and eager to rip it, and also suggest that most of Dunham’s sketches were largely one-note and not an accurate representation of what “Girls” really is.

We go through all of this sketch-by-sketch, and if there is one thing that we do leave out, it’s an in-depth discussion of The National. (Sorry, fans of the group. We’re not a music site.) We won’t say too much else here, but you can think of this as a nice compliment to our written review of the episode, which will have videos attached to it in the morning.

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Photo: NBC

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