‘The Bachelor’ preview: Ben’s nudie mag audition in Puerto Rico

That’s a lot of Ben!

Usually, “The Bachelor” stops itself on the line of “gratuitous use of people in swimsuits” courtesy of having their lead male either run, bicycle, or do something related to water without a shirt on. Thankfully for them (and potentially Neilsen boxes around the country Monday night), Ben Flajnik was willing to do much more.

There’s been talk about Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson taking a bit of an uninhibited dip in the Gulf of Mexico ever since the first trailer for this season hit the web — but on Monday night, the show is finally airing it as a part of their Puerto Rico episode. The video at the bottom of this article leaves out the more explicit parts, but the implications here are still pretty clear — and Ben could be in big trouble for agreeing to it.

It really didn’t even take Courtney particularly long to convince Ben to do it — she probably came up with this idea, went to the producers about it, and before he knew it Ben was in a position to be surprised. He’s also completely taken with Courtney at this point, and she knows that this is a perfect way to drive her closer to him while pushing all of the other women away. After all, she’s getting one-on-one time without even being on a one-on-one date — and without the awkwardness of listening to some guy sing that she may or may not actually know.

Unfortunately, there are still two things we don’t know when it comes to the context of this “dip in the water” for these two:

1. When does this happen? – It seems to be late at night, and we’re guessing it is probably at the tail end of some event such as either a date or even the Rose Ceremony. It’s obvious that Ben didn’t have anything else planned when approached by Courtney.

2. Will the women find out? There is really no evidence that the other girls actually witnessed what happens with Ben and Courtney, but we certainly will not be surprised if Courtney spills the beans to them not long after it happens as a way to get in their heads. She’s already done more than most of the other women with Ben — and now she’s done a LOT more.

As for whether or not this sparks the other women to leave, we’ll just have to wait and see — but it is the subject of our poll below. Remember, though, what the cameras do not often show — these women are being put in a situation where they have very little to do other than spend time with Ben, talk about Ben in interviews, and have casual conversations with other women who are interested in the same guy. They’re also probably not on the best sleep schedule ever. Suffice it to say, emotions are heightened.

This episode also features another form of competition in a baseball game-themed group date, and you can also catch a brief glimpse of that in another video clip. We can only imagine a date card arriving at the house asking the girls if they want to be “out,” or if they’d rather be “safe.”



Photo: ABC

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