TV moments of the week: goodbye ‘Chuck,’ Marg Helgbenberger on ‘CSI’

Sheldon loves flags -- a lot.

We’re kicking off a brand-new Sunday feature here on, and it revolves around us doing a weekly bit of retrospective above some of the best and worst things we have seen on the small screen throughout the last week.

We do have to say, though, that this was one of the quieter weeks in television thanks to repeats across many networks — but considering that gives us an opportunity to talk about paranoia and pretzels, we’re down for it.

Chuck” takes a bow – After five seasons on the air and constant stories about whether or not NBC was going to give it that “one more chance,” “Chuck” finally aired its series finale Friday night and created plenty of discussion with an ending that was somewhat ambiguous. In not revealing whether or not Chuck’s kiss really helped Sarah recover her memories, some fans were hoping for more of a guarantee that they would actually stay together.

On this end, we love the way that this final scene on the beach drew a parallel to the pilot — where we saw Chuck have to undergo a leap of faith that he could trust Sarah with his future. This moment flipped the script, and gave us enough hope that a happy ending would still be in the cards — even if the road there is not necessarily easy.


Marg Helgenberger wraps up “CSI – As one of only five people who has clocked more than 250 episodes on the series, it’s fair to say that Helgenberger’s Catherine will be missed.

Unlike “Chuck,” “CSI” is a show that has never really faced any ratings trouble — and Catherine’s exit was a bit expected only in that few people stay in one job like hers for twelve full years. Choosing to break the news at the last minute to the team was a nice touch — mostly in that it forced some of these guarded characters to be vulnerable and actually accept what was happening in a short span of time. Then fact that Helgenberger’s final scene was not even at her office was an even nicer (and more surprising) touch.


The Bachelor,” gossip edition – From a standpoint of psychology, it’s interesting to see how someone handles competition — in particular when it comes to a subject (in love) where the rules are not exactly fair.

There’s no question that being on “The Bachelor” is turning Emily into an emotional wreck — there’s little sleep, high pressure, and she’s having to watch someone in Courtney get close to Ben Flajnik while being pretty nasty to every else. So with these feelings all jumbled together, she opts to do something she may never do in the real world — tattle on Courtney. This moment is one that could have some serious implications for her the rest of the season, mostly because Ben is so blind by love didn’t want to hear anything when it comes to drama in the house.

The best part here? In keeping Courtney and Emily around, Ben is pretty much screaming from his confessional room that this isn’t over.

“Fun with Flags” on “The Big Bang Theory – There have been times when season 5 of “The Big Bang Theory” has become tiresome, and certain characters (see Leonard and Howard) have been sucked of some of their past humor. While Thursday night’s new episode did not necessarily rectify these issues, it did bring us quite possibly one of its best laugh-out-loud moments since Sheldon being handed a napkin with Leonard Nimoy’s DNA on it (which may go down as the single greatest moment of this entire show).

Sheldon and Amy’s “Fun with Flags” viral video was completely irrelevant, and that is what made Sheldon’s steely determination for it to be a success all the more entertaining. Plus, is there anything funnier than seeing an adult dressed like a pretzel?


“Worst” TV Moment of the Week — NBC’s Wednesday-night comedy block. It may sound cynical of us to want to see a show fail, but the decision by NBC to pick up two crass, laugh-track-heavy comedy shows over the summer completely fell out of line with their brand. Not only that, but “Whitney” and “Are You There, Chelsea?” are one of the reasons “Community” is no longer on the air.

However, we should note that the ratings for these two shows this past week were lower in the 18-49 demographic than what “Community” was pulling in the fall … or even putting up in the spring when it, like these two shows, was against “American Idol.”

Does this mean we will be seeing Greendale again soon? There’s no announcement yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see “Whitney” push its run out so that “Community” gets the 8:00 p.m. Wednesday timeslot later this spring.


Photo: NBC

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