‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’: Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici share a TON of information

Sean and Catherine -Mrs. Carter: Welcome to the land of over-sharing!

For some reason Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have made a habit out of talking about anything and everything when it comes to their wedding night. Is the media to blame for some of this? In some parts they are since the star of “The Bachelor” has been a victim of the media taking one comment he made ages ago and blowing it completely into something else.

But, then again, these two aren’t helping things by sitting down and answering these incredibly personal questions about it. Take, for example, when the two parties sat down for an interview on “The Women Tell All” tonight, and they said that the wedding night was “fireworks” … which Catherine then claimed were very “quick.” So there she was on national TV, throwing her man under the bus! It was all in good fun sure, but did we really need to know that much information?

A couple’s wedding night is something private between a husband and wife and while we sort of get that it was a “big deal” that they waited until the wedding night (we say “sort of” because these two are not the only couple that has done this and it’s more common then people think), what we don’t get is why the details have to be shared over and over again. They already shared so much of their romance that we’d think that this might be one part of their relationship that they get to keep between them, something special that isn’t shared with everyone and their dog.

At the end of the day, there’s no disputing one way or another that these two are very happy, and do seem to be happier than most couples who finish the show. We know why they are continually carted out here for ratings, but they should finally be able now to go off and live something more resembling a normal life again thanks to most of the craziness of the wedding and the honeymoon being over… that is if that’s what they really want to do.

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Photo: ABC

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