‘Jersey Shore’ and fun with bunny suits

Mad as a hatter?

There’s no question at this point that “Jersey Shore” is hardly the show it was when it premiered in the fall of 2010. You can see people following the cast wherever they go, the guys have flocks of women the moment they step into Karma, and the Shore Store is stocked with t-shirts proclaiming “I Love Snooki” and “GTL.”

With this change in fame for the show’s stars, the show has changed, as well. Very rarely are there candid moments that come out of nowhere, so we cherish the times in which these self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes are purely surprised. Thursday night’s new episode featured just this, as Snooki and Deena went to a costume shop and instantly fell in love with some Easter Bunny costumes like they were tan and wearing Ed Hardy. This bunny-suit purchase led to a rather hilarious moment where they spooked the life out of Jwoww, and it felt almost that we were watching an episode of “Scare Tactics” designed to ruin people’s memories of Easter forever.

As for the night’s more seemingly-orchestrated moments, we had the cast quiver in fear (and simultaneously showcase their fame-produced arrogance) when Shore Store boss Danny proclaimed that he was going to look for new roommates since The Situation was unreliable and Vinny was gone completely. This did at least inspire a mass exodus to Staten Island to bring the guy back on the show, which was entertaining largely in that it did feel like an episode of “Cops” where no one inside the house really knew what was going on.

Guess who’s back…

With Vinny seemingly coming back to the show (and the previews showing our new Easter Bunnies getting a little frisky), it seems as though “Jersey Shore” is already forgetting about the party foul that was season 4 in Italy. There are less tears, less of The Situation and Snooki screaming at each other, and also less of people just sitting around inside because they don’t speak the language and are afraid of getting lost.

Most importantly, the cast by and large seem to be themselves back in Seaside Heights — or, at least we should say, the selves that this show has helped to produce. It’s becoming the show that we secretly enjoy again rather than the show that grouped us together with all of the haters (otherwise known as most TV critics) — and if you are going against the grain, why not do it with some people you know can hold their own in a fight?

Photo: MTV

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