‘American Idol’ in Aspen: ‘bring in the Kraken!’

They had their work cut out for him.

American Idol” found itself in a new locale this week in a rather unfamiliar locale — Aspen. Despite the high altitude and cold temperatures outside, this episode may have ended up actually being the craziest show we have seen yet.

Wednesday marked the first episode of the season that featured a bad audition at the end, and in this case it was a wacky performer by the name of Magic Cyclops — who is in reality a guy who does a comedy-rock routine in various venues. (Nonetheless, who doesn’t love someone who pronounces Jimmy Buffet’s last name like he is at a Golden Corral?) It also marked some other weird moments, Steven Tyler kissing yet another woman, and Randy Jackson complaining about people who are too theatrical for their own good.

But enough about Randy Jackson and his irrational hatred for certain things (which may also include Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” — we hear you Haley Reinhart fans!). Let’s get to the notable people who came out to audition in the Colorado town.

Jenni Schick – The most energetic contestant ever. Yes, she has a strong voice — but we will remember her more for wanting to kiss Steven Tyler because her boyfriend said that’s not cheating. (The strange part? Her boyfriend has Ryan Seacrest on his list of stars he wants to pucker up with. Luckily for Ryan, the guy wasn’t there.)

Richie Law – If we hadn’t written down his name, we would have labeled him here “guy with the same voice as Scotty McCreery, and is not going to make the top 24 because the show wants something different.” It’s a shame for Richie, but that’s just the way it is.

Haley Smith – Steven Tyler loved this “flower child,” who came in talking about living in a log cabin and working three jobs — and left a winner who had our resident rock king on the cusp of tears.

Shelby Tweten – There weren’t too many inspirational stories this week, so with that Shelby stood out even more as the girl desperate to show that bipolar disorder is not important in the world of singing. She definitely has an inspirational story, but her audition did not necessarily break away from the mold.

Jairon Jackson – It’s rare for contestants on this show to audition with an original song, but Jairon pulled it off. He also happens to have a pretty lovely, smooth voice that nearly caused Jennifer Lopez to melt into the pile of tears that are still evaporating from last season.

Angie Zeiderman – By far out of this whole episode, Angie is the one to watch. She is incredibly theatrical, and while that does not always play well, Adam Lambert was also handed the same critique during his first audition and he obviously turned out to be a star.

Angie actually reminds us a bit of an American version of Kitty Brucknell from the British “X Factor” — she is inspired by Lady Gaga, wants to really make her performances something special, and more than anything we’re impressed that she keeps us guessing. How many times have we predicted that someone is going to stand on stage and move like a puppet? “Idol” needs someone like Angie — as do we.

Okay, so maybe we aren’t quite done with Randy Jackson yet. We would be remiss if we did not mention the most awkward-but-hilarious moment of the night, when the resident “dawg” (in an attempt to sound cool and hide the fact that he still uses “dawg” in everyday conversation) shouted “bring in the Kraken!” when Magic Cyclops came out to audition. Someone needs to pick up “Clash of the Titans” — and fast before he tries to quote again.

Photo: Fox

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