‘The Bachelor’: Kacie B. and her grocery store dreams

Kacie: woman of many quotes.

“I wish we were going to the grocery store right now.”

So why begin this look at Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor” with a quote? It’s really simple — we found it to be the most hysterically-funny thing said during the entire episode (even if we may be off by a word or two), and it pretty much sums up both what Kacie B. wants in a relationship, and why she also may not work well with Ben.

Basically, the context of Kacie’s grocery store quote came after she was starting to get a little bit annoyed about having to watch some of the other girls spend time with Ben Flajnik. It’s understandable — after all, we see one contestant every season who does this (see Frank, Ashley, or Ryan). Even if you know what to expect going in, you can’t predict how the emotions are going to haywire when you start to develop feelings.

Kacie is probably either annoying or lovable to most people — but what this quote shows is that her idea of her future may be different than Ben’s. After all, this is a guy that wants to see the world with his love rather than just browsing supermarket aisles.

As for the rest of this episode (as yes, we realize there is more than just this one quote), there were a few interesting / awkward moments worth discussing.

All Courtney, all the time – We really want to find Courtney as someone who is misunderstood — but she makes it so hard! She’s cocky around the other women, makes it pretty clear that she’s not there to be friends, and then acts nice around Ben Flajnik. We appreciate her competitive spirit, but also find it tough to cheer for someone who rubs her victory in the faces of others as much as she does.

The truth is, though, that Ben is seriously into Courtney, possibly more so than anyone else at this point. Emily found this out the hard way when they guy pretty much slammed the door in her face when she tried to breach the subject of Courtney treating some of the girls badly. He’s willing to defend her honor, and he’s also willing to give her a rose for “reassurance” on a group date when at least three other people (including Kacie) were pretty much begging for one.

The truth is, Emily may have been a goner this week were it not for there only being two eliminations.

Speaking of one of them … – Samantha is someone we barely know outside of her beauty pageant title — which is not that impressive when you’re a grown adult unless you are representing a whole state or the entire country. So with this lack of information, we didn’t have a lot of context for her sudden exit this week.

With that, we will say that she may the master of terrible timing. Right after Nicki (who is starting to become a darkhorse) said that she is loving the chance to spend time with him even if it is on group dates, Samantha proceeded to complain and carry on like she wasn’t getting to travel around for free on a reality show. You sign up for group dates! We’re continually baffled by people who go on reality TV only to whine.

Thankfully, Ben didn’t put up with this — and it looks like Samantha let her complaining get in the way of her own feelings.

Dates worth discussing? – There were once again two one-on-one dates this week, but the show is continuing to do a rather terrible job of even making these remotely interesting. Ben acts ambivalent, the girl tries to open up, and eventually everything works out and there are kisses.

Even though both Rachel and Jennifer received their moments in the sun this week, the latter really seemed to do the better job courtesy of being open to plunge into a crater (the one incredible part of the date), but we’re still not sold that either one of them moved up too much on the leaderboard (though we could see Jennifer being a threat to Courtney if she gets enough time).

As for the parts of the group date that did not involve Courtney winning a rose, the group decided to take part in the completely unromantic practice of fly fishing — which was where, lo and behold, Courtney caught a fish while Lindzi looked as though she wanted to pick it up and smack her with it.

With Monica being the only other exit (and with Blakeley suddenly turning into a ghost for the entire episode), next week seems to be when things are actually going to get really interesting. This is where Courtney decides that swimming without anything on will get her noticed, and when pretty much every other contestant wants to sob in the nearest pillow. (With that, a tease for our own article — why don’t these girls just pack up and leave? If we were in their shoes and Ben did that with another girl, that’d be it for us.)

Photo: ABC

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