‘American Idol’ welcomes Jim Carrey’s daughter, ‘Ellen’ correspondent

Surprises in San Diego.

If you want to jump into the spotlight, “American Idol” is about the best way you can possibly do that overnight — but who would have thought that there would be two people with past connections to fame on Sunday night’s new episode?

First things first, we had Aly Shields — a girl who previously got on “Ellen” thanks to her crazy obsession with the talk show host, and her bubbly personality led to her interviewing Usher and Mike Posner at the American Music Awards. (She even got a kiss from them!) The moment Aly first came out and started to rap, we started to roll our eyes collectively and wonder if “Idol” had really gotten to be this desperate … but then, she started to sing. Aly doesn’t have a terrible voice — it’s probably not good enough to make the live shows, but if you are going to put filler in an audition, we’d much rather see this than some girl howling Mariah Carey in a swimsuit (which we were subjected to earlier — though it was thankfully the only bad performance on the night).

To follow this up, we were surprised to see Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane Carrey end up making an appearance. We were already a little bit familiar with Jane before the show, but since she was apparently eligible we don’t have any problem being there. As a matter of fact, we like to see that she’s working to make her dream come true rather than just relying on her dad’s name. Jane’s problem may be the same thing we saw with Paul McDonald last year — her talents may be in songwriting and musicianship as much as in singing, and the show limits her in what she can do. Based on voice alone, she’s probably not strong enough to make it through Hollywood Week.

Really, the final line may be the best way to describe the whole episode. Most of the singers were pleasant enough, but they didn’t completely measure up to what we saw from Phillip Phillips (name included), Hallie Day, or even the amazingly awkward Heejun Han from previous shows. The two strongest candidates to make the top 24 were Ashley Robles (a mother with a ballad voice — which is not as exciting now thanks to Pia Toscano and Melanie Amaro) and Kyle Crews, who would be a million times more endearing with his lack of confidence if they didn’t introduce him as a stereotypical frat boy.

Who was your favorite auditioner from the show, and which of the following things blow are you going to take away from this show?

-Steven Tyler’s line about being sick of hearing the same Adele song used as an audition a million times.

-The constant noise from the surroundings in San Diego.

-The fact that we had to wait an extra hour for the show thanks to football.

Photo: Fox

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