‘The Bachelor’: What former Sean Lowe contestant is now engaged

Kacie BoguskieMrs. Carter: Sean Lowe just got married, and now one of his former contestants is doing the same!

Depending on what season of “The Bachelor” you watched, you may know Kacie Boguskie for different things. We first met her on Ben Flajnik’s season, where she made it into the top four, but he started to become intimidated by her family and some of the values that they upheld. Feeling that he was not going to be able to get their approval in some way, he decided to send her home. (Given what he with Courtney Robertson were doing in the ocean earlier on in the season, this was probably the right move for all parties involved.)

Meanwhile, viewers of Sean’s season know Kacie more for coming in and hoping that they could turn a friendship into a relationship. It didn’t happen, and she also didn’t receive the same sort of pristine edit that she had the first time around.

The good news here? That Kacie managed to find love anyway. Speaking to People Magazine, she confirmed that she and music producer beau Rusty Gaston are now engaged to be married, and are already in the process of planning out the wedding:

“I really didn’t know I could feel love like this. I always dreamed of being married but I never dreamed it could feel this perfect.”

While we’re sure that this ceremony will not be broadcasted on live TV in the same way that Sean’s was, we’re sure that they will find a way to be happy and then some.

Are you happy for Kacie, and pretty much every other former “Bachelor” contestant who is lucky enough to find love? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and head over here if you want to get even more updates from our CarterMatt Newsletter. We like to think of them as capturing some of the satisfaction of getting a date card from Chris Harrison, without the heartbreak that can come with it.

Photo: ABC

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