‘Survivor: One World’: does the new cast shine?

Here’s the full cast.

Earlier this week, we kick-started our pre-show coverage of “Survivor: One World” by looking at the actual twists that could be making this season one of the most ambitious (and Hantz-less) in quite some time. But as any real fan knows, it’s not about the structure of the show so much as it is the cast.

Luckily, the producers did at least a fairly decent job of bringing some new personalities on board this season — though there are still a few typecasts across the board.

The highlights

Kourtney Moon – We don’t see many people in motorcycle repair on the show, let alone women. Kourtney seems to be not only intelligent, but also perceptive — we see her being able to get along with the guys and the girls, which is key to staying long in a show like this.

Colton Crumble – It’s possible that he may end up being incredibly irritating, but we love seeing superfans on the show (Cochran, Todd, Cirie). Colton has already been described by Jeff Probst as a villain, and he is wearing the sort of green polo that the guy in your college class who raises his hand every five second wears.

Leif Manson – The first-ever little person on the show, and a guy determined to prove himself a force to be reckoned with.

Greg Smith – The fact that he looks like the pilot from “Lost” should be worth something.

Christina Cha – The second coming of Michelle Yi? We certainly hope so — and we also hope that she will not fall victim to a terrible twist like Yi did.

As for the rest of the cast, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. We have some occupations we have seen before — including a model and (yes) a medical sales representative. We also have newer versions of retired police officers, young male attorneys, and even spouses of professional football players. Then again, it’s hard to have creative people 24 seasons in — and some of the people who are creative (including the guy who has given himself the name “Troyzan”) we would prefer stay quiet.

Even from just a superficial point of view, we are already thinking this new cast will be far better than the sheep we saw the past two seasons — though part of this may simply be perspective. We won’t have to watch the confessional count be dominated by returning players, which means we may be able to see some strategy from the newbies — and even (gasp!) some personality!

Do you like the cast so far?

Photo: CBS

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