‘Saturday Night Live’: Daniel Radcliffe dresses as Casey Anthony’s dog

How was this show?

If you want to know just how intent Daniel Radcliffe was on knocking his “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig out of the park, all you need to know is one thing — the former “Harry Potter” star was actually willing to dress up as Casey Anthony’s adopted dog.

This particular moment happen during the “Weekend Update” section of the show, but thankfully “SNL” didn’t make us wait this long before we had a good laugh.

Radcliffe’s successes

Daniel began busting out some laughs with an opening monologue where he professed that he was hoping not to do a “Harry Potter”-themed sketch simply because it was already familiar ground for the show.

However, we ended up seeing it happen on more than one occasion. Not only did we see some goofy “Potter’ sketch ideas during the monologue, but we had a full-on sketch later in the show focusing on Harry potentially sticking around Hogwarts for ten years after taking down Lord Voldemort — and becoming a bit of a has-been in the process.

As funny as this was, Radcliffe actually was better during his terrified impression of Anthony’s dog — and he also shined in a sketch that forced him to play Spin the Bottle continuously, despite the fact that he failed to kiss just about everyone he wanted to. Later in the show, Radcliffe played the perfect launching pad for Jay¬†Pharaoh’s “talk show” — which was really just Pharaoh using as many impressions as he could to make the show about himself. Was it ridiculous? Yes, but we still love the guy’s Denzel Washington impression.

The final highlight of the show was simply an ad for an app that warns you of various things happening in your surrounding world while you are staring at your phone — a perfect example of “sad, but true.”

The show’s failures

Unfortunately, “SNL” started things off poorly with a recycled impersonation of Mitt Romney that we have seen a many times already — and after a Target-themed sketch early on the show that really made no sense, we were pretty worried about the show’s overall quality.

Thankfully, the aforementioned sketched restored our hope to the point where even the lowlights couldn’t faze us too much. Our “futuristic” sketch after weekend update is something we’ve already forgotten about, and the show also made the weird decision to milk the Glenda Okomes “attack ads against herself” on three separate occasions within twenty minutes. As a matter of fact, we could have taken a nap during these bits, woken up right before the end, and have been rather happy.

Lana Del Rey

Really, we’re not sure where to put the musical guest at this point. Her performances were indeed haunting, but (despite Del Rey’s Golden Globes-esque gown) this was really just subjective based on how much you enjoy her music. The good news for the singer? No matter what some of the audience thinks, her star has blossomed thanks to just gracing the stage.

Radcliffe’s show can really just be best described as a mixed bag. For the first hour or so, it was in many ways the strongest show of the season — however, it also seemed as though the entire team gave up for a good chunk of the show following “Weekend Update” before showing back up for a New Hampshire “exit poll” that reminded us just how ridiculous our election process can really be.

What was your overall take on this episode?

Photo: NBC

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