‘The Bachelor’ episode 2: Ben Flajnik loves The Gingerbread Man

Game on!

The second episode of “The Bachelor” is upon us — and as history goes, this marks the episode where much drama hits the fan. Why? Some of the people that the lead keeps around for being a “big personality” usually end up becoming a massive pain, and consequently cause so much drama it’s hard to watch them without wondering how they will ever be taken seriously again.

With that in mind, our discussion of the memorable show highlights from this week’s edition can be summed up with one person who spent the episode putting young playwrights into puberty, making ever other girl on the show loathe her, and crying in a massive pile of suitcases.

Blakely – What a contestant Blakely is — she’s like Michelle Money with even fewer social skills. She didn’t even get a one-on-one date this week, yet she nearly had just as much airtime thanks to some of her antics at the group date.

First things first, the hilarity began when she found out that the date involved performing a play written by children — and she showed up wearing a dress that left just about nothing to imagination. With that, it’s almost like the kids ended up playing parents as they forced her to cover up in a Gingerbread Man costume while some other people receive much more flattering outfits. (Then again, Jennifer was a weasel.)

The biggest shocker of all was not that the girls didn’t like Blakely — largely because they never like the person in the house who is the most aggressive when it comes to their pursuit. Instead, it was that Ben ended up giving her a rose despite having what looked to be a more sincere conversation with Jennifer. Is this a sign of bad decisions to come? Maybe. The major bad decision that Blakely did make was forcing drama at a cocktail party when she could have just sat back, enjoyed some women self-destructing, and allowed Ben to miss her in order to seek out more attention later. All of this of course culminated with a meltdown in some suitcases, which quickly probably made Ben think about some of those “red flag” commercials from “Saturday Night Live.”

Courtney – Courtney is clearly someone who may take a while to understand. When it comes to her talks with Ben, she either is a good actor or is really quite genuine. However, outside of these talks she is rather off-putting and arrogant. Is this because she’s competitive? Possibly, but we want to know for sure that she is competitive for the right reasons.

We see Courtney as someone this season that people may not like, but she ultimately may be fairly nice — like Michelle Money (even though we used the comparison earlier). At this point following the one-on-one date, though, there’s no question about whether or not Ben is into her.

Jenna – Yes, we know that Kacie had a one-on-one date and received a rose at the start of the episode … but to be frank, that wasn’t quite so interesting. Watching Jenna melt down yet again before the rose ceremony was one of the sadder parts of this show, and it proved yet again that not everyone can handle the drama that comes inevitably with being stuck with a number of other girls in a house who all want the same man.

Jenna comes across as a girl who has read countless books on relationship advice (and has even written plenty on her blog), but has never been able to work it out in a practical setting. We do feel a bit bad for her because she does legitimately want to find somebody, but she managed to spiral out of control at just about every twist and turn this week. At the end of the day, Ben decided that she really wasn’t worth the trouble.

While the other girls who went home were not exactly notable (meaning that we’ve really already forgotten about them), some of the lucky ones to receive roses (or, if it is what they are looking for, more air time) included Jennifer, Nicki the Texan, Monica the cuddler from the first night (who turned into a ghost this week), and the recipient of the first impression rose in Lindzi (who was left out of the dates this week).

Following this minor excursion in Ben’s hometown of Sonoma, next week marks a visit to San Francisco — where we will see the producers trying to pump up some drama with a “surprise guest.” With that, brace yourself for the next ridiculously over hyped twist that will likely not matter!┬áStill, we do believe that this is a far cry ahead of Brad Womack’s season from last year in terms of quality — after all, there’s less self-pity and no one has been slapped yet.

Photo: ABC

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