‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5: Is Nina Dobrev dating Liam Hemsworth?

The latest -Mrs. Carter: Typically, Nina Dobrev does not become the subject of romance rumors like this one… so is it true?

How does Dobrev traditionally avoid it the romance rumors? It is mostly just by the fact that the actress films “The Vampire Diaries” in Atlanta, which happens to also be fairly far away from where most other celebrities are. This makes it in some ways a pretty lonely job for her and the other cast members; while you can hang out with non-famous folk and do just fine, there is not any other group of people out there who fully understands just what you are going through, but also making sure that the people around you who aren’t also famous are genuine and not with you for other reasons (and you know what those reasons typically are so we won’t spell them out for you).

So to avoid befriending people who might not be genuinely interested in a real friendship with Dobrev she sometimes leans on friends who are famous and understand how difficult it is to find true friends in this business. Liam Hemsworth is one of these people and that is why there are some rumors out there right now suggesting that the two might be more then friends. Liam is in Atlanta right now shooting the finale part of “The Hunger Games” film franchise, and the two were reportedly spotted out at a bar. The moment that happens, the dating rumors begin even though most of the time it’s just a bunch of you-know-what.

However, there are also a few slices of evidence out there that suggest that this story is not anywhere near as big of a deal as some people are making it out to be.

1. Both Dobrev and Hemsworth were apparently there with friends, so it was not just like the two parties were present there together and nobody else was around. And even if they were out alone having a drink that doesn’t make it a date.

2. There was no romantic behavior whatsoever, no kissing, no holding hands, no gazing into each others eyes… nada.

3. A source tells Gossip Cop that the two parties are “just friends,” and we are inclined to believe that for now. However, we have learned over the years that being “just friends” now is no guarantee that they will stay that way in the future. One can hope, right?

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Photo: The CW

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