‘X Factor’s’ Steve Jones ‘shocked’ by viewer criticism

He didn’t expect the backlash

When Steve Jones was first announced as the host for the US version of the ‘X Factor’ many thought that he would do well at the job since he is typically charming, funny and has been hosting shows on British television for years, but when viewers got a chance to see him in action on the show, he left many wondering what happened to the funny guy we all loved.

Viewers quickly turned on Jones when his normally infectious personality failed to come through and the backlash has many speculating that he may not return to host season two. The ‘X Factor’ host blames a bit of his setback on being a little naive in thinking that a larger hosting gig would be the same as a smaller one.  While speaking to the Hollywood Reporter he said;

“[I was] naive in the sense that I’ve never done what I do on this scale and maybe, I didn’t realize the level of the criticism that people go through when they’re working at this level. It shocked me a little bit. It didn’t particularly upset me, I suppose. It shocked me, I was naive coming into it.”

“It’s different in the sense that it’s bigger, you feel like anything’s possible. You walk into a meeting in America and it’s like, ‘How big can we make the show?’ And in Britain it’s more like, ‘OK, let’s think about what can go wrong, think about what can go right. Let’s think this through before we commit.’ We’re a bit more cautious with our TV in Britain, I think. Here it’s like, ‘Let’s make it massive.’ I like that. I like both those schools of thought I really do.”

While Jones hasn’t been asked to host the show again at this point, he certainly hasn’t been let go either and remains hopefully that he will return.  He said;

“If they’ll have me, I’ll be back in a second. Who wouldn’t want to do this again? It’s been awesome, loved it.”

What viewers have to remember is that the first season of a show is typically difficult to host as it is still getting its footing as a whole.  Remember when Nick Cannon first began hosting ‘America’s Got Talent’?  Many wanted him gone, but as the show has settled in, the producers have given Cannon more of an opportunity to show off his infectious personality and he is now one of the more successful hosts on television.

Photo: Fox

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