‘Survivor: South Pacific’: highlights from the reunion

What happened?

As anticipated, the “Survivor: South Pacific” reunion Sunday night played out just about as everyone would expect it to. After Sophie won the show, we then ended up having to watch Jeff Probst spend the majority of the time talking to a few assorted people who received tons of screen time.

Even though there were some gut-wrenching moments (mostly in the idea of a “Russell vs. Brandon” season), there were some highlights to go along with it:

-We found out that Cochran is on the hunt for a girlfriend. Calling all ladies!

-Russell was booed for suggesting that Brandon played a “terrible” game — though we don’t really understand his own ego since he’s never won himself.

-Coach admitted that the game has made him much more down-to-earth than he was beforehand, and that he is not altogether upset about losing (even though some people are).

-Keith and Whitney finally confirmed that they were dating — and were all over each other in the process.

-In usual Probst fashion, a good many of the cast members did not get any opportunity at all to talk.

-Ozzy fancied himself a motivational speaker, and won $100,000 for winning challenges and being a terrible social player.

As for the next season of the show, it’s going to be entitled “Survivor: One World.” The premise? Basically, we’re going to see everyone stranded on one beach from the beginning. There will be two tribes, but this is hopefully going to reduce some of the post-merge boredom that we have seen as of late.

What was your favorite moment from the reunion?

Photo: CBS

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