‘Survivor: South Pacific’: and the winner is…

Did any of these people win?

It’s been a long journey on “Survivor: South Pacific,” but Sunday night finally brought us to a conclusion that was in some ways satisfying.

Before we get to the final results, let’s look at some of the reasons this episode really shined:

1. The final duel – Brandon vs. Ozzy was incredible, mainly because we have never seen a guy so young (in Brandon) have so much resolve. He seriously gave the guy a run for his money.

2. Rick not wanting a hug – Why does Coach always try to hug the people he votes out? For one, after 35+ days it’s hard to see anyone wanting a hug — to go along with that, you just voted the guy out!

3. Sophie’s meltdown – For the first time all season, we were moved by what Sophie had to say at the final five tribal council. She really was hurt by being called a “brat,” and it goes to show just how tough this game has been.

4. Ozzy’s ultimate demise – Who would have thought earlier this season that Sophie would have been the one to defeat Ozzy? It’s strange, but it happened — and while Coach thought briefly (as in very briefly) about bringing him, he made the right move.

5. Albert thinking he’s played the best game – This may have been the best line of the night. Why? It was so delusional that we are now thinking about a new meme — “other irrational things Albert believes.”

6. God talk – During the jury phase, Albert got completely and totally roasted — mostly because he acted as if Brandon was not going home when he kept the immunity necklace.

7. Cochran’s line about Coach – Hearing Albert talk about underpants and Coach-chi may go down as one of our favorite jury speeches ever.

At the end of this show, we saw a 6 – 3 vote in favor of Sophie to win. Is she a worthy winner? Definitely. She won three immunity challenges, but we didn’t necessarily likely that so many people seemed to go against Coach because they were bitter.

What did you think about this season’s end result? Stay tuned — we will have more from the reunion show soon.

Photo: CBS

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