‘Survivor: South Pacific’: who are the future All-Stars?

Who will shine?

When we write about “Survivor,” we like to take a look back near the finale every season to see just who we could imagine seeing on the show again. Granted, with “South Pacific” we already have two All-Stars — so we can already probably exclude these two from the list.

Otherwise, let’s look at some of the most-likely candidates.

Highly likely

Cochran – It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Cochran being a lock for a future season. He clearly received the most screen time out of all of the new players, and he was thoroughly entertaining. Sure, he wasn’t a particularly good player strategically — but neither was Coach the first time he played (or the second time, for that matter).


Jim – It may seem strange at first to see Jim on here so high, but think about it. The show needs definite villains, and he may be the closes thing the show has had on that front since Sash (who was not really as evil as he wanted to be at times). Jim was outspoken,┬átemperamental, and he at least tried to make some moves in the game. Think of him as a less physical version of Tyson — who was also cast for a second time despite leaving fairly early in the jury phase.


Sophie – This one is going to depend largely on how she finishes. Sophie clearly is one of the more interesting female players ever on the show. She hasn’t dominated when it comes to airtime, but she’s done a stellar job of making herself not a threat to anyone despite winning multiple immunity challenges and making some smart strategic decisions. If she is out before the final three, we probably won’t see her again — but we could see her getting another invite if she ends up winning the season.

Brandon – We know that “Survivor” would want Brandon back after his multiple meltdowns this season and crazy antics — but it’s more an issue here of if he should come back on the island again. This seemed to genuinely be one of the more unstable contestants we’ve ever seen, and we’re just not sure if it’s good for his health to be out there again.

Possible only if a “Second Chance” season

Christine – She made one silly mistake early on in calling Coach a “temporary player,” and it cost her a shot at staying away from Redemption. However, this island showed Christine as one of the most imposing threats on the entire season — and we love contestants who have this kind of determination. If the show ever brings back pre-jury players or a season, she has to be on the list of candidates.

Semhar – She was the first contestant off the show — but thanks to some of her slam poetry and her demeanor, it’s possible she could come back.

Never in a million years

Rick – We really don’t think anyone else on this season has a shot of returning for a 2nd go-around, but Rick is one of those contestants that Jeff Probst probably wishes he could go back in time and erase. Despite the guy winning a casting contest, he ended up being one of the dullest castaways we’ve ever seen. Unless he makes a move on Sunday, he will have gone the entire season by engaging in just about no strategy at all.

Photo: CBS

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