‘Survivor: South Pacific’: a chat with Edna Ma

Edna was done Wednesday.

We are getting near the grand finale for “Survivor: South Pacific,” and with that we are having to say goodbye to a number of friendly faces. As it turns out, Edna Ma is one of those faces. She seemed friendly and willing to help at any point on the show, but was unfortunately undone by being the sixth person in a six-person alliance. She then lost a duel against Ozzy, which gets her to where we are today.

Thankfully, Edna gave us some pretty interesting answers about her time out in Samoa this season.

Carter: So many people in the game seem completely unwilling to get rid of Coach. Is that something you would have ever considered down the road?

Edna: That’s a tough question for me because I realize for me to have even gotten to the merge is because of Coach’s lobbying for me. It was me vs. Mikayla, and I probably would have felt indebted to him.

So it’s hard to say — say if I was in Brandon’s shoes and if I hadn’t given up my immunity necklace. (Laughs.) Each day it changes, and it’s hard for me to say whether I would vote him out because I felt indebted to him for even being there.

You were obviously frustrated on the show that everyone was willing to put with Brandon’s antics. What did you you think of him out there, and how tough was it to see these other people continue to keep him around?

It was very frustrating because you couldn’t talk any reason into this individual. He was very emotional, and it confused me why he was being kept around when he even said himself that he would spit on a million dollars. At times, it seemed as though he didn’t want to be there — he has a young family and his wife was expecting, and he really missed his young son. He was conflicted — he wanted to cleanse his family name and try to improve the overall Hantz reputation. Obviously what he did by giving away his immunity necklace can be interpreted as eitherĀ altruisticĀ or stupid … it’s going to be controversial. I really feel like he felt he was doing the right thing, but I can see him getting a lot of criticism for it.

So what was it like being on Redemption Island with Ozzy? We didn’t see much of it.

Ozzy was very friendly, very hospitable. He had a little fish waiting for me on the campfire when I got there, and he offered me his papaya in the morning.

I tried to give him some insight, since it’s the only thing I can offer him in the game. Hopefully he used that information if he does return.

Who are you rooting for at this point?

Photo: CBS

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