‘Survivor: South Pacific’: a higher power sends someone packing

What’s going to happen?

Over the course of this season of “Survivor,” we have worked very hard to document some rather specific winners and losers when it comes to the way in which this game has been played.

However, we’re not going to be doing that with Wednesday night’s episode — mainly because it’s too obvious. Brandon giving away his immunity idol has to be ranked as one of the silliest decisions ever made on this show — it was not as crazy as Erik giving up his idol (mostly because of the surprising role faith played here), but it was still positively insane. Next to Erik and James leaving with two idols in his pocket, it may be the most unusual move we have seen in the game. (Yes, this even beats JT writing Russell a letter.)

While Brandon deserved to go home simply on the basis of giving up his idol to begin with, what also made this entire dynamic particularly interesting is how the vote impacted everyone else. In not giving his necklace back to Brandon (who was clearly concerned), Albert came across as a guy obviously trying to keep himself in the game, but also one who will never win in a million years. Also, it put Coach in a position where he was forced into looking bad. Yes, he tried to argue that “God” told him to eliminate Brandon — but this whole notion is rather silly, as well.

We’ve said for weeks now that Sophie may be the biggest threat to win, and outside of Redemption Island she may now be. Thanks to being a target this week, she was not looked badly upon by anyone — and the idea now seems by Coach to have her at the end if he can help it. As for anyone else, there’s only one other real threat left in this game … Ozzy. If somehow he wins every challenge and goes to the end, the man will be a million dollars richer. The only way Ozzy loses is if the jury miraculously decides to give it to someone who didn’t spend half of the game at Redemption Island.

Check back daily now until the finale for some exclusives — we’ll be talking with Edna tomorrow, and we’re also going to have our list of possible all-star candidates from this season.

Photo: CBS

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