‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 10 preview: Is Cat in Vincent’s head?

Is Cat romancing someone new on Monday night’s “Beauty and the Beast” episode? We wouldn’t go that far. Instead, what we feel we have here is a case of Kristin Kreuk’s character attempting to just do her job, even if that job occasionally means locking lips with another guy in front of her ex.

The look on Vincent’s face here is priceless as Cat, looking like the lost member of a biker gang, plants a big kiss on another man while he and Tori are standing right there. The easy assumption to make here is that this is some sort of undercover mission that she is on, and she had to do this in order to ensure that Vincent kept his distance. The most intriguing part of all this (at least to us) is that thanks to this encounter, Tori suddenly seems a whole lot more upset at Vincent, and feels deceived that they have been spending time tracking someone who he previously had some sort of feelings for.

The truth of the matter here is that for whatever reason, Cat and Vincent seem fated to cross paths … even when it looks like the two of them are separated from each other and have a number of their own priorities to take on. There are many various collisions that are going to come up the rest of the season; not only that, but there will be a few moments where you realize that Cat and Vincent are much more tied to each other than even they realize.

What do you think is going on here? Share some of your thoughts below.

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