Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt have dinner with kids every night

They eat with their kids every night

Mrs Carter: The family that eats together, stays together

Many of us try to have the family sit down dinner together every night, but with everyone’s busy schedules, it’s often difficult to make that happen.

In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Angelina Jolie says that she and her partner Brad Pitt make it a point to stop whatever it is that they are doing and have dinner together with their six kids every night.  She said;

“We actually have family dinner every night. We make a point of it. It’s crazy. There’s a good five minutes were everybody is quiet and sitting together and then it starts to break off.”

With the Jolie/Pitt family doing so much traveling, Angelina says that she has taught her children how to pack for their adventures.  She said;

“Now we are starting to get them where they each have their own luggage and they unpack their own clothes and pack their own, because it was just getting to confusing for me to figure out but it’s great, it’s so much fun. Fortunately, my kids love to travel… they’re very worldly. What I love is that they can be in New York in a hotel in Manhattan and think it’s so cool, and then I can bring them to the middle of Kenya and drop them in a tent with no TV and no nothing, and they’re just as happy. That’s what we are trying to do, to balance them.”

If Jolie and Pitt can take time out of their hectic schedules to eat dinner with their children every night, surely the rest of us can make it work as well.

Photo: Georges Biard

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