Cody Deal’s ‘The Real Hollywood Story’ now available on YouTube

The show is now on YouTube.

Earlier this fall, we spoke with Cody Deal about “The Real Hollywood Story” — an ambitious new web series via MediaBlvd that focused on his life as an actor handling the ups and downs of the business. Unlike many other shows and stories out there, this one is presented in close to a real-time format — episodes are shot on the fly, and then posted so you can see what is going on in Cody’s life pretty much simultaneously to your own.

Previously, the vast majority of the content was available only to subscribers — but now, we are pleased to report that shorter versions of Cody’s story can now be found on YouTube. (If you want to still see full episodes, you can do so and support Cody by subscribing for just $2.99 a month.)

You can check out the YouTube episodes over at Cody’s official page — and we’ve also embedded the first one here for your viewing pleasure. It’s a captivating story, mainly because our lead comes across as someone who is easy to like — and not just someone who is trying to force such admiration upon the audience. There are tears, setbacks, and occasionally you see some tough examples of how callous some people in the business can be. Thankfully, there is still plenty of hope to be found here — along with some valuable advice for anyone trying to move out to L.A. when it comes to preparation along with expectations. If you watch a couple of episodes, you’re going to want to see how the rest of the story goes.

The series has snagged the attention of key members of the industry — including director James Foley (“Glengarry Glen Ross,” “Fear,” “At Close Range”), who has shared his reaction in the following paragraphs:

“Every once in a while an actor appears on the scene with an energy that takes no prisoners. Cody is that dude. I discovered him by accident and have only been amazed by his potential the more I’ve learned about him. THE REAL HOLLYWOOD STORY is a f—ing brilliant documentary of the struggles of a extraordinary man against all odds. Homelessness, professional rejection, personal strife, none of it could possibly take down this bull of a man. A true warrior in the arena that is called Hollywood who is certain to ultimately win and win big. There is no challenge that is beyond his abilities. Indeed, imagining his epic battles and assured victory could be a film unto itself. Seldom does an actor embody such a powerful physical presence with a mind and a heart to match. His extraordinary strength is something to behold, and which I have no doubt the filmgoing public will soon pay to see.

“A guy’s guy, a woman’s delight, a genuine character that somehow sprang full grown from the center of our country. A man with an emotional sensitivity living comfortably inside the frame of the ultimate alpha male. A killer combination!!

“Watch and learn what a true emotional warrior looks and sounds like. Certainly got my attention and I’m confident I am not alone.”

Cody’s credits include the title character in the Syfy original movie “Almighty Thor” alongside Cinemax’s upcoming “Girl’s Guide to Depravity.”

Photo: Cody Deal

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