‘Survivor: South Pacific’: Rick’s wife speaks more than Rick

The ghost man.

We are getting near a point on “Survivor” now where it is getting harder to have specific winners and losers, but this episode of “South Pacific” did somehow still manage to contain a good bit of strategy talk — and some hilarious moments.

The winners

Coach – Once again, Coach does just about everything right this week. While his subtle move to form an alliance with Ozzy may not amount to anything, he did set himself up well in the event that Ozzy comes back and wins some immunity challenges. Way to think ahead — and also way to not give up your immunity idol for someone else.

Ozzy – With that, we turn to Ozzy. The guy is a force to be reckoned with, and it doesn’t seem that there is anyone who is a legitimate threat to actually beat him before he re-enters the game. Could Edna do it?

Sophie and Albert – Both of them are clumped together this week for a reason — they pretty much shared the same mind in their decision to get rid of Edna. They obviously want tribe loyalty — but just as importantly, they apparently also want to keep Brandon around in the event that they could potentially take him to the end.

The losers

Edna – She is now out of the game, and we really do feel a bit sorry for her. She’s a doctor with all of this success and education, and yet she’s on an island getting told off by a 19-year old with some twisted view on society. She befriended Coach early, and Coach voted to send her to Redemption.

Brandon – In insulting Edna this week — and also in having to have his dad fight his battles for him — Brandon proved yet again that he may be the most ineffective “Survivor” player ever. This makes him fascinating to watch, but it also makes him impossible to probably deal with in the game.

Cochran – We’re going to miss Cochran. We will still defend his choice to not draw rocks and side with Upolo, and we also love the fact that he came within an inch of beating Ozzy. We’ll be talking to him tomorrow, and we also have a feeling an invite for a future season is on its way.

In the middle

Rick – Hats off for having the gusto to grab your wife’s rear end on national TV. Then again, you are also so quiet that we know your wife better than we know you. On the negative side for Rick, the fact that no one really seemed to be consulting him about the vote does not bode well.

Who do you think is in the most trouble now?

Photo: CBS

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