‘Survivor: South Pacific’: a chat with Dawn Meehan, Whitney Duncan

Whitney is now out.

While Dawn Meehan and Whitney Duncan both had their moments on “Survivor: South Pacific,” they were each edited at times to be pieces of a larger puzzle — and typically, that puzzle involved John Cochran.

Obligatory relationship scoop: Whitney confirmed in some earlier interviews that she was in an “unhappy” relationship before the show — and that she is happy to have “found love” on the show with someone that we can presume is Keith. Outside of that, we’ll have to wait until the reunion to find out more.

Carter: Outside of what we saw on the show, who do you two try to campaign with for votes before you were sent home at tribal council? Was it a situation where you had some [people] on your side, but not enough?

Dawn: Had we had Sophie … we had Cochran, we had Albert, we had the two of us. If we were able to get Sophie, we would have been able to at the very least take out Edna.

The goal is Coach. Whitney and I are trying to make the argument to Albert and Cochran that Coach is going to win this. A jury’s going to vote for him.

Are you really surprised this happened especially due to what happened last season with Boston Rob?

Whitney: Yeah! Especially after last season it kind of seemed like a repeat. That’s what I said — these people are smart people! Sophie’s smart, Albert’s smart — I don’t know how they didn’t see this coming.

It’s a little shocking — if Sophie would have joined in, we could have taken out Edna at least. I don’t think they were ready to get rid of Coach, because I don’t think any of them were bold enough to make that move.

Dawn: I agree.

Whitney, let’s go back to that last immunity challenge you lost at Tribal Council where it was just you and Sophie. How much does that haunt to you to this day?

Whitney: I’m a person who’s able to let stuff go pretty easily — I got a lot of jokes after that with my family and Jim and Keith ribbing me at Ponderosa about it saying I should know better. I don’t know better. I don’t know about clams!

The rest of the questions, I actually did really well. There were a lot more questions that Sophie and I were just going head-to-head on every question. It was meant to happen like that — I was proud of the way I played the quiz, and honestly I was surprised to make it that far.

Dawn, We heard earlier in the call that Whitney’s final three plan including Cochran and [either Keith or Jim, but likely Keith] — Dawn, what was your plan if Cochran didn’t flip and you had the numbers [after the purple rock]?

Dawn: I know my final three was Jim and Cochran — I think since the game’s been over Jim has said ‘ha ha ha Dawn, I wouldn’t have kept you ’til the end.’ Jim had a final three with everybody. Jim kind of jokingly said ‘I’m not going to go against the mother with the six adopted kids.’

Whitney: That was was the only reason I wouldn’t [take you], because you know how much I love you Dawn.

Dawn: I know.

Whitney: We had an alliance from day 1, but it’s the same kind of thinking. She’s very easy to love…

Dawn (with a laugh): That’s right, Whitney!

Whitney: … but I would hate to lose to you in the final three.

Dawn: I think my best shot was to be with Jim and Cochran … I think the three of us trusted each other after day 11. Our plan was to take out Ozzy [at final six] … and we talked about taking out Whitney. There was a lot going on!

Who are you rooting for to win now?

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