‘Survivor: South Pacific’: Cochran’s un-birthday wish

Did this pay off at all?

It only seems appropriate — just two days on “Survivor: South Pacific” before a birthday that Cochran pretended to have coming up, he found himself in a position that he never wanted to be in.

Just what exactly happened? We can best sum it up by saying that he was humiliated for jumping ship only to be voted out in seventh place.

With that, we turn to this week’s winners and losers.

The winners

Sophie – This is a player who could very well win this game. She’s smart, does well in challenges, and plays tribal council like an expert. She also probably realizes that she could win against anyone in the final three remaining — with Coach being the only real competitor there.

Coach – With that, we have Coach. While he’s probably doing a good thing in sticking with his main alliance of five, he never should’ve promised anything to Cochran. In doing so, the guy has a much bigger reason to resent him than someone like Sophie — who really promised nothing.

Albert – While he did get found out for being lazy this week, the guy did win immunity — and outside of Sophie, there doesn’t seem to be any real competition left to take him on in future challenges. He could coast to the end.

Ozzy – Hey, the guy just keeps winning. Will he have a cakewalk next week against Cochran? Probably, though it would be hilarious if he lost.

The losers

Cochran – He’s only a loser in that he left the game, but we still don’t blame him for making a move. Why? While he may have gotten further if he stayed with Savaii, he also could have drawn a purple rock and went home. If you go through this entire process to go on the show, why give up your fate to chance?

Rick – For the first time all season, the man had a presence — but it was of a guy with little strategic mind who simply likes to complain about people not working hard. Rick won’t win if he makes it to the final three, and it looks as though like he may not even make it that far since Albert’s out to get him.

Edna – We will give Edna some credit for fighting — but the Upolu five is still stable now, so there’s no reason to suspect that will change.

Brandon – The loose cannon may be ready to fire yet again. His behavior at tribal council was strange, and we are already worried about something that traditionally comes up at this point in the game — the family visit. What if Russell comes and plants some crazy notion in his head? Brandon seems to be the clear 5th-place finisher unless Coach finds a way to carry him to the end (where he will for sure lose).

Dawn and Whitney – In losing the duel, there are no Savaii women left in this game. We’ll be talking to both of them on Thursday, so check back then for that.

Photo: CBS

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